Add bots to group chats


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  • Milton

    This is a reason people make servers. Not to have more people, but to also have bots in them.

  • Wendy's favorite person

    totally would love to be able to add discord bots in the group chats just because sometimes not all of your friends would join your discord server, so why not add a bot in a Group chat? to memes and vids sent by bots. It would be amazing to see if the discord developers create something like this or close too it. I could see how difficult it would be to code it for it to actually work. It will take some time if will do it. Maybe the owner of the Group chat will only be able to put bots in the Group chat. Who knows. Great suggestion! i look forward to this happening.

  • Allyse

    I would love to have bots be able to be added to the personal chats an also tts functionality. This helps with bots used for DiD when talking with someone who they are talking to as far as which alter. TTS is also a great one or some bots that have tts functionality for private calls this function helps people with speech issues such as being mute but can still be on call without having to rely on everyone reading the chat. (especially nice for those who are on mobile and may not have chat open. I know people create servers for this but with servers comes multiple people and although you can give roles to people or lock out chats to invite only it can be cumbersome for the times you are only speaking with one person or a small group and don't want a full server for that.


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