Way to stop pings from certain people without blocking


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  • maeglin

    I guess muting can be helpful for that. So, a new feature to be able to add certain people to your mute list, you will be able to see them but they will not get a highlight

  • sushideath

    Thank you for this suggestion. I agree we need this feature.

  • Adios ocelote

    This just has to be implemented, imo. I can't count how many times people ping me for any stupid reason. "@Adios thank you", "@Adios hi", "@Adios told me XXX", "@Adios said XXX" and other, similar useless pings that only draw your attention when they don't have to. Muting a person, role or server would be good to have. I know we do have a possibility to mute a server to not get any notifications, but @ pings go through anyway and sometimes you don't want to mute a whole server just to not get pings from people. 


    To not lead into confusions, it'd be good to call the option differently than "mute". For example "mute pings" or "block pings". Still would need to be worded a little better since not everyone understands what a "ping" is (if it comes to tagging people).

  • Sugamama

    How do you access your mute list?

  • shithead

    Sugamama this is just an idea and is not a feature

  • BlueSkies

    It would be nice to block notifications from a particularly noisy/yelly user.

  • Ethorbit

    There needs to be a feature added that stops you from seeing and hearing group or direct mentions.

    I just had to explain to a friend why I have them blocked in the screenshot I took (I told them I removed them since my DMs are locked, but in reality it's because of the block), and it's simply because I don't want useless notifications being sent to me by Mention or Reply every single day.

    I shouldn't even be needing to block people for this, there should just be a setting.

  • Zedeff

    I agree. I've been getting ghost pinged by some irl friends in a server I'm in and I'm usually too slow to notice who it is so I can't just block them. If it could be added on a server or just person basis then this server would be real nice.

  • red

    Please please add this discord... Im begging you... The amount of morons spam pinging over the dumbest shit is stupid

  • Arkl1te

    Can you PLEASE do this? 

    I have a moron that doesn´t stop pinging with stupid-ass replies.

    I don't want to block a user 
    I don´t want to mute a channel

    I want the option to MUTE A USER.

    Why is it taking so long?
    Why is it so hard?


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