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  • Alexander077w

    same problem for too many people please do something i have the same problem

  • ||||||||||||||||

    i got like 300 pings. i- i- wanna kill something. 

  • so, same thing happened to me, big surprise right? but i never actually set up my phone number with discord and despite getting onto my phone ( on discord mind you ) it still didn't work :)

  • PeterBoyMC

    here to say that, 2 of my friends also have that problem.

  • Lone_Ranger

    i already lost like 10 accounts with this shit 

  • kittenstew

    Same here. I updated my email address and was immediately locked out of the account that I've used for years. I hadn't joined any servers recently, or sent an unusual number of messages. Now I have, possibly, no way of recovering my account, which is very concerning. The only way I have to communicate with certain people is over Discord.

  • bigfatmonkeyballs

    The same problem happened to me. Is there any way to fix this?

  • candice


  • snoodle

    This makes me wanna pull my hair out.

    I have no phone whatsoever and even if I got a landline it wouldn't work.

    The worst thing is because of the fact that I have no phone, I can't use Discord. WONDERFUL.

  • Santapou

    missed my friends now and i only have 1 phone number  i used it for my brother. not enough money to buy a phone.

  • Do Ri Me

    I sent my phone number but it didn't even work, even though it is a brand new phone number i bought few hours ago.

  • UndefinedZ

    Everyone else having the same problem?? Wow, anyways already 24 hours locked out but I have a giveaway that’s going to happen 🥲 And it says ‘phone number recently used’ but guess what, I didn’t even use it recently… f u discord

  • on1lxs6c

    "Something's Going on Here"

    You bet! The only problem is no one knows what's going on. Not even Discord! Least of all Discord!

    "We've detected something out of the ordinary going on. To continue using Discord, we will need you to verify your account."

    Like what? Speak English! Now, English is not my first language, but I bet I would understand you if you could talk some sense. Instead of showing me this picture of a castle under attack, with arrows flying and castle bridge being raised.

    Presumably, I'm the attacker, and the castle is Discord. Except I'm not attacking you. How do you arrive at this dumb conclusion? I know, you're using algorithms like every other big tech company.

    Never trust ten robot to do the work of two men. Also, one must be wary of companies that display clear ambition to replace people with robots.

    This all started by me changing the email address for one of my Discord accounts. I have two accounts. I signed out of my main account, using Discord for Windows. Then I signed in to my second account which I have not used much at all. I was in process of transitioning from one account to another, but I never finished it because life got in the way. So I was going to do it this time. I clicked all the right options to change the email address of what would become my new main account. I got the verification link via email, as expected, I clicked it and my address was changed. From that point on I could no longer sign into that account.

    I get the feeling this has to do with me signing out of one account and signing in to the other account all too quickly. This must have tripped an alarm or something at Discord HQ. I know I got an email asking me to verify it was me signing in from a new location to this second account. All of which I completed successfully. So there should be no problem.

    I have already sent a support request to Discord (case 15154742). I can post back here if they ever get back to me. It's only been 14 hours, so it's needless to say that I have not waited long enough. I am well aware of what people are saying about the waiting. I shall see for myself how long it takes them.

    After failing to sign in several times, I tried to reset my password, just to be sure that the new email address is working and registered with the system. Sure enough, I was able to set a new password. Not once but three times! Simply by following the link I get by email.

    Now this part is also weird... each time I set a new password, I get a joyful display of colors in the form of a Discord background image... with no information whatsoever, where a simple "password was set successfully" would be expected. Just sit and stare at this picture for a while... so jolly and totally not funny!

    After wasting hours of my life of on this, I gave in and decided to provide a phone number so I could verify the account by SMS code. That actually allowed me to sign in at least twice. I lost the ability to sign in again at some point as I was signing in and out and hopping between my two accounts. Apparently Discord does not like that. It trips an alarm at Discord HQ and they mistake you for being a robot or an attacker. At least this is what may have happened in my case. But the system is totally dumb I must say. If you want an example of that, read on.

    I have now tried several times to sign in using SMS codes. The codes are being sent and received as expected. But it now refuses to let me in because of another reason.

    "This phone number was recently used on a different account"

    After typing in the SMS code, I have to confirm with the current password. If the password is wrong it appears as a "mismatch". But there appears to be another kind of mismatch at play here, or possibly a database table corruption.

    I don't know how else to explain it. Incorrectly implemented SMS code verification perhaps? Inserting the phone number in wrong user account's phone number field? It would seem as if my main Discord account is not fully or properly signed out of the service.

    I am not going to burn another phone number on this, or waste any more of my time over this. If Discord wants to help me out, I invite them to do so. I would appreciate it if I could talk to a human.

  • Кхео

    Yeah, it's confirmed, this screen sucks. We need to make a petition to remove it.

  • on1lxs6c

    In all honesty, if we can't get Discord support to start talking and helping each of us, then we're all out of luck. You can safely consider your account burned. You will not be getting it back. The service is free for a reason, I guess.

    Lastly, let me share this with you. By some kind of black magic I was able sign into this community support forum, using the same credentials that Discord forbids me to use to sign into the Discord app with (where the real fun is). My profile is less than 2 hours old on this forum. As pictured below.

    My name is not "on1lxs6c". I used that as an alias just out of spite. The unknown user. I use an email alias service, so the Discord support bots picked that up and started addressing me as user "on1lxs6c".


    P.s. Something's Going on Here

  • Nonsont

    I think it's just something that discord does. I guess after using this for 2 or so years, you are required to use a phone number. I was lucky and got to use one but i guess if you don't have one you're out of luck.

  • on1lxs6c

    Nonsont I don't think age of the account has anything to do with it. My main account was created on 11/17/2017, that makes it more than 3 years old. I can sign in and out of that account just fine, and I have no phone number registered with that one. This is the account I suspect Discord has associated with the phone number I gave them, even though I gave that phone number in association with the second account as that's the one I was unable to sign into without verifying by phone (as pictured in the screenshots). At least, that's what they make it look like, judging by the error messages ("This phone number was recently used on a different account").

    If time is a factor, then I would say it's if you're not very active with the account that it becomes an issue. In that case, you may get a prompt to verify that you are who you say you are. But the weird part is, they can verify you by sending you a token via email. And you know what? That's exactly what they do, and what they did in my case. I mentioned previously that I got an email asking me to verify that it's me signing in from a new location. That's it, that's the one. But that's not enough! Apparently. So they make you verify in more than one way. This is where the "Something's Going on Here" screen shows its face.

    Drawing parallels with Microsoft...

    This all reminds me of Microsoft! It's as if Discord is enforcing 2 factor authentication by SMS codes.

    I believe many of you are old enough to remember the days where you could use a "secret answer" to an open question in order to verify that you are who you say you are when signing into your Hotmail account. This was the gold standard for many years, on many sites and with many companies in fact. Then Microsoft graduated from Security 101 and they started prompting users to give them a phone number or at least an alternate email address as another means of verifying their identity. You could skip this prompt once or twice, and then you could no longer do that without complying.

    This was especially true for old accounts that you had not used for some time. Unless of course it was so old that it got automatically deleted due to inactivity.

    As I recall it, Microsoft stopped with the practice of automatically deleting accounts that were inactive for 2 years, they stopped with this long before GDPR was even conceptualized so it had nothing to do with it. You had to use it or lose it, basically. I think this was because Hotmail accounts were commonly used for spam and exploits.

    Deleting old accounts was a way for Microsoft to keep a clean house and keep people safe, by simply deleting their accounts (with bad passwords and no real security). This was easier for them to do than to invest time and energy in building a more secure system (for free). I think it's safe to say that Google Mail had to happen for Microsoft to change their mindset. They took other inspirations from Google as well, such as "Microsoft account" and "Microsoft authenticator". (We all have Google to thank for improved security over at Microsoft.)

    The difference between an older and newer Hotmail account was immediately evident in that you had to provide a phone number from the get go if you had a newer account. You had no choice but to give them a phone number, or at very least an alternative email address they could reach you at. In other words, users with newer accounts had no opportunity to look surprised about having to give them a phone number, they knew this already as it was a mandatory piece of information they had to provide during registration. users with older accounts of course were oblivious about this new policy, so they got surprised when they saw the prompt asking for a phone number.

    Could it be that Discord is now following in Microsoft's footsteps and enforcing SMS based 2 factor authentication? Perhaps. But I certainly don't have to give them a phone number in order to sign into my main Discord account, which is older than the new one (created 11/17/2020, exactly 3 years after the first account).

  • on1lxs6c

    I have a word from Discord support. They responded in less than 24 hours. That's a very good response time, I have to say. I don't know if this forum discussion had anything to do with it (I did leave my case number), but I'm happy that they have responded. I will be working with them now to see if we can resolve this somehow. I will keep you posted.

  • on1lxs6c

    I have not heard back from Discord support, I'm awaiting a reply. I thought I would share a quick update in the meantime.

    Apparently, you can use one and the same phone number to "verify" more than one Discord account. I was not aware of this. Not that I have done this myself, but I think this may be a contributing factor to this type of issues that so many are reporting.

    I put "verify" in quotation marks because I'm not entirely sure what it is that is being verified. The ownership of provided phone number, or the ownership of the account you're trying to sign into. If Microsoft is to follow as a model, unless 2FA (2 factor authentication) has been enabled, the phone number is only used in case of account recovery where you have forgotten the password or lost access to your email account and alternative email account (if you had one).

    Note that you can't use a VOIP or a landline phone number. These are not compatible with the verification system. So I've been told by Discord support. This understandable in the sense that people may try to fake their phone number to get past this screen. You have to use a real and valid phone number, not something you found on one of those websites that offer fake details you can use to fill company contact forms and such.

    I guess the landline phone numbers are no good because you can't receive SMS codes with these. Why VOIP numbers are not valid is probably because there are services out there that offer disposable phone numbers, and as these numbers are basically virtual phone numbers that you can easily generate and dispose of, they are commonly used by bad actors. Also, you don't want to add a phone number that is going to auto destruct within the next 5 minutes. It's a piece of information that you need to be able to rely on, and so it needs to persist, so your future self can sign in should you ever need it.

    But none of this is an issue of mine. My phone number is valid, and is a Swedish mobile phone number. I still can't sign in with it. Not any more, anyway. I do get the SMS codes but it seems that because Discord allows people to use one and the same phone number to verify more than one account, a phone number that has been used previously can get stuck in the system. It needs to be released first, before it can be reused, for another account. This is why the error message says "This phone number was recently used on a different account". The system appears to not be making a distinction between "hello, you have used this number previously on a different account, so now you have to wait for it to be released before it can be reused with another account" and the situation where "you have used this number previously, now you have to wait for it to be released, before you can use it again on the same account". Error reporting could be better here, so we can understand better why we can't sign in, or why our phone number is not being accepted.

    The result of all of this is that Discord eats up phone numbers. Even if they are totally legit and valid mobile phone numbers. I know this because I have decided to provide a second phone number, also a Swedish mobile phone number, and now I'm signed in on my account. But I can no longer use my previously provided phone number, on any Discord account, unless Discord releases it and makes it available again. But because the system thinks that the phone number is already in use with another Discord account (or the error message is worded badly) that seems unlikely to ever happen. There is no ETA on when previously used phone numbers are released. Note that it's the phone verification system that appears to be keeping the phone numbers, not the Discord account system.

    They are basically recycling phone numbers, and they are not doing it well I will add. This is something I would strongly advise them against. It's better if they allow people to use only one unique phone number per account, not only would it mean better security but also completely avoid these phone number recycling issues. Of course, not everyone will have more than one phone number to spare on Discord accounts. But perhaps they can use only one Discord account?

    What this means for you as a user is, you have to be absolutely sure that the phone number you provide is valid first of all, that it's going to be in your possession for a long time, and you must not remove it or replace it with a different number if your plan is to use it on a different Discord account. You won't be able to reuse it. Once you have added it, you should consider it gone, eaten up, expired. I may be in the wrong of course, but this is what it looks like to me. They put a hold on the number you have provided, to avoid misuse I guess. But the system seems to be misbehaving and does not release the number. (This may be especially true if you have used the number more than once to sign in on the same account, like I did. In which case the error message "This phone number was recently used on a different account" can only make sense if you strip out the " on a different account" part of it. The message is misleading.)

    Despite signing in with a new phone number, I was afraid to sign out. I feared that if I sign out and then try to sign in again it would not let me in, and I would have to provide a third phone number to get in. So before I signed out, what I did is I enabled 2FA on my account. Not only is it more secure than using a password alone, it also provides me an alternative method for restoring access to my account, without having to use a phone number.

    I can now sign out and sign in as I please.

    So the lastly I will suggest that you do the same and enable 2FA on your account, once you've used a phone number to regain access. Unless you plan on using the "SMS Authentication" method, where you use SMS codes to sign in, I think you can safely remove the phone number from your account. I personally use TOTP (Time-based One-time Password) with an app, but I will not be removing the phone number any time soon.

    The "SMS Authentication" is basically the same as "verify" or "VERIFY BY PHONE" as the error/nag screen says. It may be technically different, but the end result is the same, you use SMS codes to sign in. (If you really want to know, with "verify" you're supposed to be prompted for SMS code only sometimes when Discord suspects "something's going on here", but as we know it all too well it keeps coming up every time you want to sign in. Whereas with "SMS Authentication" you are supposed to be prompted for SMS code every time you want to sign in.)

  • Moonful

    this happened and idk what to do, I don't wanna lose my account :<<

  • on1lxs6c

    Moonful do you have a mobile phone number? Have you tried using it to verify your account?

    You have to provide a working mobile phone number. Don't use a fake number, it will not work. Also, if you have used the same number before, on a different account or on the same account but without success, then you will have to take a break. Give it at least a day before you try to use the same number again. Alternatively, provide a new phone number that you have not used before. Once you're signed in, I recommend that you enable 2FA using an app like Google Authenticator or Authy and then use that to sign in next time. If you have done this, you can remove the phone number from your account if you want to.

    You could also ask Discord support to remove/lift the requirement for phone verification for your account. That however is unlikely to happen, but you could ask. There must be some kind of reason why they are forcing you to verify the account with a phone number. Only they know this for sure, but it seems to me that one trigger is if you use an email alias/anonymization service or an email provider that a lot of bad actors are using for spam. So avoid this in the future if you can, if you don't want to be in this position again. (Or enable 2FA as soon as you create your account.)


  • xuvv

    Bro i've been locked out of my account for a few hours and i don't have a phone. I think i got locked out for suspicion for spamming and now i have to put a phone number in. The only response I got was automated. I completely gave up on discord now honestly.


    i've got answer from discord, everybody who have this problem. their account has been flagged by the system and must use phone number to fix this issue. who ever used 1 phone number on different account, the phone number is on cool down. so dont ever try to login with that phone number. wait 2-3 days without attempting to login with that phone number. who ever doesn't have phone, discord can't help.

  • flying dwarf child 1

    I DONT HAVE A PHONE. How do I fix thisssssssssssss? I have a bunch of friends (and my girlfriend.) that I would otherwise lose if I remain locked out as its my only form of communication with them. Please help. 

  • Kayy

    Does anyone have an actual answer on how to fix this situation? I filled out tickets and contacted discord support. A man named Andrian didn't help out much, but he did write me back through discord support.

  • kasparanswinning

    bro same, this happened to me which sucks because i dont have a phone number. guess im losing my account because discord is stupid

  • _.Thiccsuga._

    This also happened to me the I also don't have a phone so that doesn't help. There should be an option to verify by email. I really dont want to make a new account cause this is my 3rd account but discord support you really need to think about the people who dont have phones TO verify when such things happen

  • xuvv

    This happened to me as well but I think I could have this problem resolved because I have 5 sisters to help out.

  • Gracie

    Hi um ok so this had happened to me and i was worried cause i have friends who are on the app and i had then left it for like 20-30 mins and i decided to open the app and then it just let me use it

  • on1lxs6c

    I can assure you that Discord does have a support team and they do respond to incoming support requests. They were very helpful to me. But I also had to follow the protocol and provide a phone number, just like everyone else. I even had to use a second phone number to regain access to my account. This I think is only because I did not wait long enough before making more attempts to add the phone number to my account. In that case you have to give them a different phone number. The error message is misleading in this respect, it points out that the phone number is used on more than one account where in reality it's being put on hold because I failed more than once to add it to my account.

    I know it's frustrating to be locked out. There are several things that can set this off. But basically, your account gets flagged by the system and then you have to provide a phone number to get back in. This way you prove that you're human, and that you are the owner of the account and not some hacker wannabe.

    Kinez is right, you won't be able to get back in if you don't provide a phone number. Assuming you don't already have one registered with the account, and you don't have 2FA activated. Also, he is right in that the phone number gets hot if you try to add the same number to your account more than once repeatedly and you keep failing to add it. It will have to cool down before it can be used again, and this can take several hours. So step away, do something else, and come back later. There is no advertised waiting time, no one knows how long you have to wait, and Discord will not reveal this to you.



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