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  • Melkor

    Yes. Reply is obnoxious in comparison, give us quote or give us death.





    preferably not the latter

  • bleventeb

    I think the reply feature is intended and works the best for large servers with many ongoing conversations.
    It's also an improvement when you want to reply to an image or a link.
    The ability to quickly jump back to the original text works well on pc, but it gets really annoying and tedious on mobile.

    If I'm having a longer discussion with someone while also talking about multiple things
    I can get easily lost in our own wall of text because of the jump feature
    but I also have to use the jump feature because it's more than likely that the reply function wont display the entire message, especially on smaller devices.

    Having the option to have either quote or reply should be good, both should be the best (although it could get confusing)
    for me personally, reply should be for images and links and quotes should be for actual text

  • lady katherine

    Agreed, if I'm being honest. The quote feature was absolutely lovely, and reply, while it might be all right once people get used to it, is just not the same. Plus, typing "> [text]" is far more time-consuming.

  • Qaos

    We agree. We much prefer the quote feature. There should at least be an option in the settings to switch between the two.

  • T1MB3R

    reply feature is trash, allow us to toggle it on or off via server options please.

  • Pokegeek151

    From an accessibility standpoint, replies are harder to read and follow than quotes. I saw on Twitter that it's an intentional feature that the whole original message isn't visible, and that makes it really hard to follow. Jumping up and down in the chat log to see the older messages is really time consuming and awkward to manage. Can you leave quotes available? I don't really care if reply stays

  • zephyros

    Yeah, it's better to have options than completely erase an age-old function entirely. :(


    Yeah the replys are harder to read and you can't select the text of what was replyed to.
    Options are better than forcing people to use something new that might not be better in all cases.

  • DaFazenda

    Adding another comment in agreement so Discord staff see not everyone likes how they implemented this. Quoting is much more versatile. Seeing multiple replies in a busy server is headache inducing. Give us an option to choose which we want to use at the very least.

  • Chami

    Reply is a far superior feature, that just needs some tweaks.

    It's far more space-efficient than giant quote blocks, which is a welcome change. It's a little bit awkwardly designed, but there are simple changes that can be made to improve it.

    It gives you an anchor you can click to see the original message, which is great. It could be improved by having an arrow or something you could click to expand the message on-the-spot.

    Finally, it lets you decide whether to ping the user you're replying to, which is nice. It could be improved by offering global and/or server-specific settings for whether it defaults to On or Off. Again, a simple improvement.

    People always jump straight to "new feature sucks! trash it!" when it's always better to *improve* it instead.

  • ally

    If I wanted space efficiency, I'd use the compact settings. I just like being able to quote. I also feel like the colour of the text is extremely poorly chosen for the situation. Replies are a nuisance to read, and the size of quotes were very useful. I don't quite think it should be completely reversed, but I think we should be given an option to go back if we wanted. Please don't assume we're saying things shouldn't be done for the sake of it. Some people genuinely, you know, have opinions.

  • Chami

    I mean space efficiency for *everyone else*. I don't much care for having my screen filled with quote text from all the times someone wants to reply to someone =)

    At any rate, it's still something that can be solved through *continued improvement*, not reversion. That's the point i'm making. With the right options available, the two features could be functionally "merged" to have the best of both worlds, even.

  • ally

    I don't quite agree Chami, I think it would be better to improve AND include the old feature. It's not redundant, it's a useful feature that allows you to do more than just reply to a message, specific quotes are useful and let you (as an example) just Ctrl+F and then paste it in to find the original. There's also accessibility, people with visual impairments will struggle a lot to read the replies, and that's a shame, really.

  • Chami

    I don't disagree that that's useful, but you can already still use the > feature to mark text as a quote, and can just copy and paste from there. The quote feature was just a stopgap shortcut which did that very thing. As it is though, nine times out of ten, people don't quote partial messages. They just dump the whole thing back into chat verbatim without caring about being spammy. So I'm not suuuper inclined to be sympathetic about the lack of a shortcut to just keep doing that.

    As for accessibility, again, nothing that can't be improved through the appropriate tweaks and configuration options.

  • Brumbpo

    I would love to see the quote feature back. I'd rather take the extra time and manually remove the mention from a quote than use the reply feature.

    I don't know exactly why, but the quoted text from the reply feature is not very legible to me. The original message isn't even shown in its entirety and if a post contains multiple lines, everything gets smashed into a single line. It just looks very messy, and I don't think it adds anything of value. 

    I don't think the reply function should be removed, but I will not be using it. I would love to see the quote function back as it was really convenient and did exactly what I want a quote function to do.

  • Nerdbert

    Hey Discord,

    I suggest you unify how the reply function between mobile and desktop version.
    Remove the "XY replied to YZ" line which takes over the user's role colours and bring the user name you replied from next to his/her avatar (aka the default of the mobile version!)

    It tempers with the text segmentation and, depending on the role colours on the server, can lead to confusions of who said what.


  • ✦ℍ𝕚𝕜𝕒𝕣𝕦✦

    Yeah replying is great but can we have quotes back?

  • pink

    Yes!!! I personally don't think the reply feature added anything useful. The biggest thing for me between the two is being able to quote or reply to multiple different messages. You can't do this by replying.. and why not? Most people I know don't type in paragraphs, so not being able to reply to multiple messages from the same person is really disappointing. I can't think of a reason to remove quotes that can't easily be argued. The reply feature is just the quote feature, but unfortunately, it's a lot worse...

  • Stardust

    I commented on this in another thread here:
    There's a lot of people who dislike the Reply feature, myself included, but I'm trying to include a balanced solution to this controversy.

  • jetucerridwen

    I'd really like to have both, because they're both so useful in slightly different circumstances. It would be cool if the quote option hyperlinked to the original comment like reply does. (unless it already did that; I don't rightly recall)


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