[Suggestion] Upgrade Nitro - Text Color


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  • lumb'er
    bad idea.
  • Lemurhino

    I think that would make reading chat a pain. Imagine if every other letter was a different colour. Another thing is people could send messages that appear invisible to people using specific themes. Maybe it would be better if you could change the colours of the client. I don't know what that could do practically either.

  • Devil

    For chatango, Shoutbox and any otcher chat its work perfectly, and reading is easy as well. Chats mentioned eariel are more popular than Discord on many sited because they are offering more freedom and modyfications for users than discord does, and admins can choose what users can do and what they can't. If discord server admin can choose what colors users can use in their servers, then its should be no problem with invinsibe characters.

    As example:

    Reading is easy, users have more freedom with choose fonts and colors they like.

    For years i use Shourtbox / Chatango / Discord (depends on what site i am) and sadly Discord has less cool options for users compared to others chats. Nitro right now sadly not offer any good modyfications like this.

  • ArettBro

    Ehhh I kinda see that clashing with Discord's visual aesthetics if people could just change whatever their default text colors are, makes things feel messier in my opinion. But I could imagine it working if it were something you manually had to type every time you want to use different text colors, sort of like how you make things bold and italicized only through a different process. It could make people less inclined to always have color in their text, and mostly maintain Discord's neat chat appearance, that's my take at least.


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