Add the ability to disable or edit custom statuses on your server


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  • JPBBerry

    I seriously can’t help but agree
    I myself run a content censoring bot, and while obviously there’s ways of detecting the status, there’s not much I can do in terms of actually censoring it.
    I’m not sure what direction is the best way to go with this however, it’s very mixed since we don’t necessarily want to ruin the greatness of custom status.
    A lot of people are saying it was possible already using rpc and changing names and what not, but this is a whole new thing, it’s so much more accessible and nsfw content is so easily spreadable.

  • Bqnaan

    This feature is seriously something we need right now. The advertisement in my server's getting out of hand with the custom status feature. Muting wont really help, banning is a bit too much if you ask me, but a feature to disable the custom status of people in your server only is possibly the best solution.

  • unlockthepicture

    Hopefully there will come an solution for this. 

  • Lumi™

    I'm 100% agreeing on this. There's 8000+ people on the server I moderate and I don't really see advertisement in the statuses, but racial slurs and degrading minorities which has resulted in quite a few bans. 

    Either give the option for the owner to enable/diable it on their server, or give the owner an option to allow the custom status to only be displayed for certain ranks. 

  • VactumPlayss

    I really hope discord adds that future you mentioned, to disable, or only let a certain group of people use "custom status" on your server. Its becoming a advertising ground for my server, people are using it to get by freely with nsfw words. My server consists of age groups 9-15 and i really dont want them seeing this in people status's. 

  • FuzzyWooo

    Agreed. This issue is critical and will be much appreciated if addressed. Thank you!

  • bigibomb

    needs to be addressed asap

  • Kingadasouth

    I agree, add either an option to disable by server or at least a filter.

  • Kiolki

  • Waffle_Zone

    The swear words for the statues is annoying to see we need a way for server owners to disable that or a way to personally disable it in settings

  • Suli


    The red bar you have on yours, does it come from 2 factor?

  • Acco

    Re this link, Suli, the user added that as a proof of concept. 

  • Suli

    ahh nice I like the concept a lot


  • _wukong_

    I think a role permission would work just fine instead of disabling it per server. 

  • Wiplash McTavish

    Something needs to be put in place please! I am unable to censor my discord properly. I do not like having to read about or expose my members to the inappropriate things some people want to put in their status, which is a surprising amount! This problem is giving me management issues.

  • Harle🦄

    As a mod on an official server, it boggles me that they brought out this feature with zero way to moderate it, especially when it undermines some of their basic community guidelines/tos.

  • rhaludir

    As a mod on a community server, we just had to send a message to someone whose status broke our NSFW rules. It would be much better to have something role-based where the general @everyone role can have custom statuses turned off.

  • MidnightNinja_83

    I agree, at the very least I can adapt our bot to give the role to offenders to keep things clean.  We would prefer not to kick members that have chosen to skirt the safety mechanisms in place.

  • Suli

    We have had to kick so many out due to this status issue, Can you give us feedback on will you be implementing a shut off feature by server please?

  • Ondrashek06

    I agree with this. It is getting annoying as people ARE setting up custom statuses that break server rules (such as heavy swear words) or some statuses which people don't really want to see ("OMG I LOVE [Random Dude]!") People with these statuses are often refusing to disable them. I want to not have these dating messages shoved in my face, or even worse, that heavy swearing statuses.
    It looks like discord wants people to leave the site as we cannot even DOWNGRADE the hecking client. Please, ADD a way to hide them!!!

  • Janttu

    Yes, please make this a role based permission.

    Also, would be nice if there was a way to block the "Streaming" and "Playing" statuses as well.

  • Reisora

    I've never been one to delve on forums, but I arrived as a community server admin to upvote this cause. Our server has younger players, and yet there are members whose statuses have begun to newly feature NSFW material. Like said: banning members outright seems a little over-the-top, but I can't sit by and watch it play out either. The ability to disable members' statuses within the grounds of a community server would instantly solve this.

    This has never been a problem up until statuses were added as a feature, and our community doesn't particularly rely on statuses to function; I'm honestly more flustered this issue invented itself than anything else. To the developers up yonder, please grant server admins the ability to show or hide member statuses as soon as possible.

  • Suli

    I absolutely agree reisora, and things have not calmed down but escalated since this status customization roll out. It is a twice daily chores now to weed them out

  • koob85

    Big vouch. Running a server with over 20,000 members is tough enough for inappropriate usernames, but too much when people can input inappropriate text in their custom status too now. Disabling specific members statuses may be much, but maybe a role disable setting or a server wide disable would be nice too. Thanks!

  • kprotato

    We had a member named "Downy Flounder" and his status is "getting RAPED by nemo", in a channel with 10 and 12 year olds.

    This is only a single occurrence. We need a way to filter/edit/hide these paritcular members statuses as it's ridiculous that they can put whatever they want there without moderation.

  • Crimm_Reaper

    Honestly I completely agree, I also think you should be able to disable your friends status's from your pov aswell i'm getting tired of some of this bullshit.

  • Reisora

    Upvoting this again. It's been two months and I do not yet see an ability as an admin to curtail NSFW/offensive material in statuses; there was another one this morning that was an all caps of a racial slur. I still have elementary/middle schoolers actively posting meanwhile.

    If statuses did not exist in Discord up until recently either or, there is more benefit than gain in bringing about a means of clamping down upon the abuse of them: an enable statuses/disable statuses for admins to apply to the server itself and or members who abuse the NSFW loophole, and perhaps a personalized enable view/disable view as wielded for members who would rather have less of a social media feel, avoiding the old toxicity that been associated with other platforms.

    Please notice this post, Discord.

  • BurakBey

    Lots of comment and upvote but they are not doing anything for that? TY DISCORD

  • Sonic56

    As a server owner myself, I can attest that this really, really needs to be done. It's getting tiring not being able to control this.

    Nobody at all can help the fact of whether or not members have inappropriate things in their statuses, and banning is way too excessive over something like a custom status, yet there's no other way to take care of it. It would be ridiculous to have to tell people to remove their status, yet not having this feature makes this ridiculous thing a necessity, or again, banning which is not only ridiculous, but as I have stated, it is way too excessive. Different servers have different rules, so the chances are pretty decent that the bigger of a server you have, the more likely you will face this difficult situation that should not exist. What does not violate the rules of several servers, may violate the rules of one.

    Please do implement this, Discord guys. I'm an avid user and lover of Discord for over two years now, and an early, still-subscribed Nitro supporter. And while I've been hard-pressed to find gaping holes in this chat program that I've become so accustomed to using, this is, in my opinion, one of those gaping holes.

    Thank you all for reading my extensive rant.

  • Kim

    I fully support this. Please give us the possibility to moderate the custom statuses... I'd say this is an urgent fix that needs to be done asap.


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