Make discord recognize gifs without `.gif` in the image link


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  • JPBBerry

    I assume you’re talking about profile pictures. If so, it’s the extension that allows this to happen. If you have pfp.png it’ll be a png, if you do pfp.gif it’ll return a gif. However, a cool thing, is you can just go straight to the link with no extension, so just pfp/ discord will decide, if it’s a gif it’ll be a gif, if it’s an image it might default to webp or something, can’t remember. But yeah.

  • MrIvanPlays

    Nope, I talk about posted gif links into chat without .gif extension. The client defaults it to the 1st frame of the gif and no more action. I think the current system for recognizing images' extension is the "lazy-way" and as I suggested, you can check the header "Content-Type" of the link to check what's the image extension and not the link. 

    You can check it by yourself. This is the gif I'm trying to post into chat:
    My discord version: "Release Channel: canary, Build Number: 49172"


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