Emotes Too Big vs Upload Size Limit


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  • Asuri

    indeed and i really want them back ._.

  • Koi_YTP

    They look ugly now.  This change should be reverted or give users an option to make them appear the size they used to.

  • UnassumingLocalGuy

    You guys are totally wrong. The bigger emojis are great. If the quality of emojis are blurred then they just need to be updated. It gives you a lot more detail to work with. Please don't berate discord when they actually update for the better. I do agree there should be an option to appease you babies. 

  • Kastytis

    How can we update gif quality when we still have the same emoji size limit like before? The emoji file is already at it's maximum file size, we can't add more detail as then we wouldn't be able to upload gifs in the first place.

  • eterhnite

    The update for the emojis appearing bigger is great. I love that we can see them in greater detail now. However, I've also been experiencing the issue of having blurry emojis and gifs and unsure of how to fix or get around that. I agree that discord should consider making the file size bigger if doing so would help with this image quality issue.

  • Unfoldingspace8

    I feel it the most with animated Emotes. I usually use my emotes for/as reactions, and often times the 'best' or most accurate to my actual reaction is a gif, problem is its file size is just too big, so like even after going through an annoying process of minimizing the gif's size as close to the maximum allowable file size as possible, it's completely useless. And that's just testing it as standalone emote, sent as its own message, meaning as a reactionary emote it's even smaller and more useless.

    It's especially bad when it comes to gifs with text, as the text basically just becomes white blocks, while the rest of the gif looks like a few boxes moving a bit.

    The thing is the only server I basically interact in has the rule of files, links, etc. are uploaded in the Media-Sharing channel (as so many servers have), in the sense that we only upload them there (with very, very few exceptions), so if I want to react with something of that sort I have to use an emote. This is why I have my own personal testing server (also to generally test out 'trick' and such on Discord, like bolding text and such), so I can test selfmade emotes and try to correct any mistakes (like a png file, suddenly gaining a background when uploading, and such). Also one of the reasons I have Nitro, so I can use my own emotes (and other-servers-that-I'm-part-of's) to react/'respond' more appropriately to my actual 'response'/reaction/feelings.

  • St4rShopping

    I want to upload my animated emojis but the file size is too big 😀

  • issei

    Saya ingin mengunggah emoji animasi saya tetapi ukuran file terlalu besar 😀

  • AscendingGamers

    Honestly, so frustrating being unable to upload an animated emoji. 256ob is nothing, and it’ll get you 3 maximum frames, so no matter how much I condense it, it gets rejected by that annoying red text.


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