Undeletable messages


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  • almostsuspense
    Seems useless imo
  • TheFutureKnight
    maybe get trusted people to be admins or make backups, whichever works, plus when an admin abuses he won't delete a couple messages and that's it, they'll delete the channels, which makes locking messages useless.
  • SaltyCatFish

    Accidently posted a webhook url to my repo.  Some @*$&%^ found it and flooded the channel with locked messages.  Now I have to delete the channel.

    My fault entirely, but while I don't see the benefits of locked messages, I sure do see the pitfalls.

  • cedrikgalaxy

    had to redo a whole channel because somehow i or the bot aperently made a message wich is ment to set something with the bot up a locked message. instead of that you should simply be able to restrict admin powers in certain channel so only the owner or certain roles/people get a pass on it


  • Cathy's Boyfriend

    how do you send a undeletable message?


  • chinami™

    does anyone know how to send an undeleteable message?

  • Ac3X0

    I faced this issue right now. Here is what i did:

    - Wanted to create an event with Apollo bot with the command "!event"
    - Only messages from friends was enabled
    - Can't delete the message anymore

  • INTV

    I have the same problem, but only happens when i demand to my bot to delete a message

    But sometime, the bot respond a bit quickly, so the message seems to not send correctly and lock itself 

    i'm not sure if its right, but it really look like its a bot problem that does that . . . 

  • Lucy Hill

    Implementing a feature that allows certain messages to be "locked" or unalterable can indeed have its benefits, particularly for preserving important information and preventing abuse. But we should remain calm and allow management to do things. By ensuring that even server owners cannot delete these messages, it adds an additional layer of security and safeguards against potential misuse. This feature can be particularly valuable for servers with long-standing messages, essential guidelines, or crucial historical records that need to be maintained.

  • Mia Andrew

    Locking messages in this way sounds like a great idea for preserving important information and preventing misuse. It could definitely enhance server security and prevent accidental or intentional deletions of critical messages. I'd be interested to see how this feature could be implemented effectively.

  • Maura frankline

    yea you are right, Even Instagram has introduce this feature of deleting messages after get hard competition from Gb instagram it's modified version 

  • Maura frankline

    I would like to share some steps to delete messages 
     Ensure you have the right to delete messages.
    Use the delete message option or trashcan icon.
    Ensure the channel allows message deletion.
    Sometimes, this can reset glitches.
    Helps with potential data issues.
    Ensure you're on the latest version.
    Try Different Device/Browser: In case it's a browser-specific issue.


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