Collapse sidebars / panes / spaces


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  • ForceJudgement

    Agreed! Even on the web version. 

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  • Earl

    We've been asking for collapsing panes and minimum window size literally for years on the Windows side. Still nothing on almost all those except to hide channel members.

    On Mac is there not an icon to the left of the search bar (maybe elsewhere) that looks like silhouettes of 2 people? Should say "Member List" when you hover over it.

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  • Ominous_One

    The absolute worst part about using Discord for me right now is not being able to resize the left and right panes, or to have them responsively resize! I'm often maximizing my screen space and putting applications in all 4 quadrants of my desktop. But that makes Discord very cluncky, images often clip off screen, and getting to older messages becomes a task with the amount of scrolling needed. I think the server/channel list and the member list can both become drop-downs from the top bar when in a very small size, or pull-out/pop-out menus. That way, we can more than double the real estate given to the main chat window.


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  • iconoplast

    I agree with all this, a few years ago you used to be able to collapse it to the user and channel list only, which is ideal for those who want a small window.

    I have a 6 monitor set up, but find the expanded version (i.e. wide version with the chat and friends panes being non-collapsible as you minimize) annoying as hell and will either (A) pull it to the far right of my desktop, so I don't see the chat and friend panes (i.e. this friend and chat panes are off screen in win 10) or (B) hide the chat and friends panes under another window.

    I don't also always want a wide window and even to see my chat for various reasons, in my Discord server, so seeing the chat screen is only desirable in some circumstances anyhow, so for this reason and limiting large size, I didn't like the change from the compact version

    I loved how in the past you could minimize the DISCORD window and it would minimize to the size of the channel list and user list only and was relatively small and compact. It had this feature, however as you expanded it in size, it popped in the chat and friends panes and as you widened it would only expand the chat pane, so it really was the best of both worlds.

    I didn't see the point of removing the ability to allow for a compact window, when for the people who desired a full size, would always have the option, as it was always there in the design. You actually gave less choice to the user, at the end of the day. The person in charge of this design decision (to only allow the full version) is assuming people want to see all that stuff and don't desire the ability to make a compact version. While I barely look at my chat and friends list and use mine for voice chat only.

    A collapsible discord to the size of a compact width, forgoing the chat and friends panes, is my preference and it would be great to have it back, for the space conscious, among us and I think it would make DISCORD an EVEN better product, while it's still the best IMO.


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