Accidental Calls


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  • Figo33

    Please we need this

  • taiyihanle

    would do me a bloody favor

  • Squiiidzoid

    Yes, please add this, it's long overdue and other services like skype etc have had that option for forever. You could make it an option to tick in the settings that defaults to off called "ask for confirmation before starting calls" or something. The main reason this is needed is because on mobile it's really easy to start a call accidentally by pressing the wrong button, which can lead to angering an entire DM group of people as they all get a call for no reason

  • beerman

    I could use this feature too!

    There is some damn key combo that I keep hitting when I start typing too fast and it launches the call.


  • PablosCorner

    I just got affected by this today, definitely needs to be changed.

  • PexeLukive

    This just happened to me today, I misclicked on a button while trying to scroll through messages and accidentally started a call with a completely random guy. Very embarrassing, and could’ve definitely been averted if Discord had a confirmation before calling feature.

  • marutea! マル

    Happened to me twice already, my friends and some strangers also have the same issue. Either move the call button somewhere else or add a confirm call button please.

  • Bis

    Accidentally called my ex while he was sleeping -_-. I do accidental calls at the most awkward times. Confirmation pleeeaaasee

  • Mariah

    Bruh I was trying to get someones ID then accidentally clicked call I was just about to delete my account from the embarrassment 

  • MGPlayz YT

    this happened to me a lot of times now, and I really hope Discord would add this because it's DEFINITELY an important feature.


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