vulkan support


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  • CryptoSpartan

    Yep! same here. I submitted a ticket to them, which told me that they don't have a solution at this time. Since it seems like Vulkan is the way of the future, I'm hoping they add support for vulkan games for the overlay.

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  • LenglBoy

    In general it would be a nice thing to have a vulkan-overlay-support OR make the overlay be able to be visible in every case since it doesn't need game information just Discord-Speaking info.
    If this overlay can be shown anytime and not related to any game/technical-stack it would be generate lot of value for you discord-guys.

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  • Sawel

    It's certainly possible to get the overlay on apps that aren't games.  I was once able to show it on SolidWorks, so it doesn't really make sense to me that it can't be shown on vulkan.

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