Discord Xbox Connection for Xbox 360


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  • dot

    Why is the 360 not included in rich presence support if it's still supported by Microsoft? Discord is beginning to be one major disappointment after another..

  • Kayla

    Agreed discord needs to add itself to xbox 360

  • Kcirer K


  • boofhead

    Well although I have an Xbox 360 And I use it quite a bit and wish this was a thing it is an Old Console and it is possible Microsoft is no longer allowing games/apps to be published for the Xbox 360 which may be the only way Discord may 
    However, for games using backwards compatibility on an Xbox one, this should totally Work and makes sense 

    I mean if you really want to stick with an Xbox 360 you have to expect you are no longer gonna get good new stuff I mean Xbox one has existed before discord and makes sense that it got it for Just the Xbox one which is one of the newer consoles which is the current-gen console if Mircosoft really wants to Do it they may add it however it is not likely since discord has basically no say in it  

    The only way i see Mircosoft adding this to Xbox 360 in any way is using their emulator that is pre-built into their Xbox one which allows you to play some Xbox 360 games 



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