Suggestion to prevent accidental Channel/Category Dragging


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  • Kaelikbug

    loading circle. bruh. assassins creed 
    ^ mega duplicate

  • NTM Nathan

    Because you said Mega Duplicate, I don't really think it is a mega duplicate post. That post was made a year ago so its fair to say that this post is good (bump I guess?) for the Developers to consider this feature added.


    Assassins Creed? don't know why you're bringing the game into this, very off topic.

  • Kaelikbug

        Your idea of a loading circle as a delay for channel moving reminded me of the latest Assassin Creed releases, where you would have to hold the select button on specific options for a certain amount of time, which is displayed by something of a loading circle on your cursor, before it registers the selection. I just had to mention it as reference for the detail, yet it was supposed to be a subtle enough to not interfere with the topic.

        Posts that were made a long time ago still will be viewed if the thread was bumped with a comment instead of the topic being bumped with a whole new post. It is sure a mega duplicate as its the same feature suggestion, just with an extra detail suggestion for said suggested feature.

        While I am mainly here to defend myself as of current, I will still mention that I wholeheartedly support this suggested feature, hence why you have my upvote. But I had originally commented only to reference the already existing post, as that also needs attention. My friend, I will thank you for this conversation, but I will not be downvoting any of your comments.

    Sincerely, thank you.


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