The reception to this new UI update has been so overwhelmingly negative. Please listen and revert it back.


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  • racks

    yes please

  • slicegokneecaps

    Ima go back to skype if this stays. I can't stand it

  • Nobody

    I agree it just doesn't look right

  • BakaBaka

    I agree with you. Revert.

  • SlyTheFloof

    yes @Discord Be Ashamed of your self's 

  • Syrentis

    Was about to Tweet @ Discord team about the latest change when I saw the feedback page. I would like for them to consider reverting the change. In my mind, it adds unnecessary clutter by bringing a popup window whenever I mouse over a message. Since I keep my window narrow and tall, the popup obscures the message above it. Also, I find it really distracting that message blocks are highlighted when you mouse over them - it implies that left click will perform an action when in reality it does not. Thank you for your time.

  • Diffraktor

    Visually it isn't too bad, but hovering over images just doesn't feel right at all with me. Would greatly prefer a revert to the old UI over this.

  • Zon

    We can turn off reactions to remove them from being over every message we hover on
    But if we do this then we can no longer use react role bots
    Having to choose between a popular bot feature but suffer with emojis on every message we hover on aint fun
    This is my main concern tbh, although i loved the old line divider too

  • Peter-André

    The way the UI looked before the update was just about perfect. I would be happy to just go back to that. I can't stand the new look.

  • KaylaShea

    I love the UI changes it's awesome

  • lefrogmin

    Revert or at least add options to customize the UI. I can understand why people would like this but I am not one of them.

  • Inutsu

    It's just awful. Please make it optional at least.


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