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  • Flash

    This stupid blocking feature should've been improved years ago when people were asking to NOT SEE THE BLOCKED MESSAGES.

    NOT ONLY THEY DO NOT LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY but they make it worse with the new UI update.

    This is just annoying and unbearable, I hate it.

    And they won't do a thing about it, so damn frustrating.

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  • Silth

    agreed it is now clear they want you to clicky clicky their program and UI endlessly; and not just simply allow for the opt-out of blocked messages even being displayed if you so choose

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  • Kaelikbug

    TBH it is a lot less noticable than the previous. Its also looks a lot nicer and its not as intrusive as a whole button. I think its to discourage viewing it. The X is also slightly transparent and not bright like the clickable Xs. Like how some Windows popups won't let you press the X button.

    Its also kind of hard to just not display messages since (1) 1-1 conversations will just look like 1 person talking to themselves. I heard that it also might not be possible bc how Discord sends messages to the high speed. Adding conditions that ask if a requested message's user was blocked by the target user would surely slow things down. It could be hidden client side but refer to (1).

    Now, if I were to speak honestly...completely ghosting someone shouldn't be a solution for anything, no matter their distastefulness or annoyingness(ye thats a word). Blocking spam DMs is the only time I see blocking fit.

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  • Luna P

    You'd think by now people would give up and realize that discord dev's simply just don't care, and are still salty af that after stating "you can't hide blocked messages" that a 3rd party even disclosed how to in order to educate their devs, instead it just made them angry and the issue has been ignored since, you can do a search and see 100's of threads like this. Discord will continue to ignore, unless some form of health issue is caused and it makes news, which in this case it won't. It's the sad truth, and you just gotta accept it.


    Instead you just get people like the Kaelikbug above with the " just leave it , screw what people want " cuz they're secretly with discord staff, trying to promote their own work.



    P.S. I agree w/ OP as I've been chiming in for years on this too, and pretty much given up, given how angry the dev's get at it and how quickly they'll swing the ban hammer at those insisting it can be done.

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