Please add a way to disable recommended emoji responses without disabling/hiding all emoji responses outright


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  • PokéGirlShadowDragonair

    Hear hear! If they don't revert it I'd like this at least!

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  • happyhj

    Agreed, I don't have light sensitivity but the emoji thing is definitely more annoying than useful


    For now I make sure that the width of the Discord app window is less than ~960px (if the window width is less than this, the emoji options seem to not appear)


    But if the window width is just above that, the recommended emojis take up a lot more of the remaining width, relatively, that even clicking a link becomes a hassle quite often

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  • Jorboc

    An option to disable this is needed; it is distracting and annoying.  If someone likes it they can leave it on, but I didn't ask for it (nobody did) and would like the option to turn it off.

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