Small change to account = getting locked out of account?


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  • tammy

    the same happened to me. i went from "spark uwu" to "spark the gae floof" and got locked out of my account

  • ✠ LilOlWilhelm1871 ✠

    The same thing happened to me too, I made a minor change to my account name and now it says whenever I get on discord, that something is going on here and that I need to verify it was me by phone number, but I use discord on my Ipad and do not have a phone, so I of course don't have a phone number either if I don't even have a phone in the first place, also, if it means anything, I am using a different email for my discord account then the one I normally use, also, I tried putting in my friend’s phone number, but it said invalid phone number, but I don’t have a phone to verify it is me  so I can’t use any other number but that one, does this mean I will have to delete my account and restart everything, oh wait, I CAN‘T because like I said, I‘m using a different email than usual, but I tried putting my normal email when I first made this account and it said that the email is already in use, but i‘ve never used discord until today, so how could I have put in my normal email, also if I sign out of this account and put the email I am using for it in a new account, it would probably say email is already in use, but I only have those two emails, and no phone to verify it is me, so what should I do, never use discord again?!?

  • Skinny

    I know, I messaged Discord support and they told me it was impossible to unlock my account...


    It hit really hard because I own 2 servers and work in 3 servers, and now I have no way to tell them I can never login again.

  • Dragan985

    For me, I join a discord server and after about 19 mins later it got locked, but glad I can try use someone else phone because for me I don't really like to use a phone because hackers around the world can get other stuff, which is not good, but I think discord should make a huge update on a 2FA, which will say, "I don't have a mobile phone, or a normal phone", if that say it, then the bot will unlocked our account, but right now I think discord is going to make a huge update because I think about 34% of the people, who don't have a phone, then discord is going to change that, but I'm very worry because I work a lot of hard detection server as an moderator, so I need to get my account unlocked, or they think I'm inactive, so they will fired me in the discord server.

  • Dragan985

    I think my account is not fully locked because I just need use someone phone to get it back, and if I make a new account it will be locked, but for me I think I was very lucky it was not a fully locked because I made a complaint about my issue and, they almost fixed it, but I have to use someone phone to verify my account, so I will not be worry about this again.


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