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  • DuBeUs

    In a different manner, instead of "switching between accounts," how about both accounts can be open at once, with a multi-layer, folder-like appearance of Discord.  Perhaps you can see the Servers/Direct Messages list on the left side of both overlapping folders, with a tab on each at the top of Discord stating, "Discord Username #1" and "Discord Username #2."

    This way, instead of switching between accounts and shutting one off in favor of the other, you can just "mute" one Discord Username so your notifications will sit there for you to attend to later, at your own discretion.

  • transfaerie

    I'm also really interested in this feature. Particularly for mobile. I would want it to work like multiple Twitter accounts where you get notifications for both accounts, but even something simpler would be much welcome.

  • Cory Workin

    Something to seamlessly switch between accounts would be great.

  • Catalysτ'

    Have to say- great way to implement this.
    I love what op suggested: with the idea of putting this feature back in settings deeper than just in the area for setting status (like I've seen in other places) it would help with easily focusing on Just one account at a time. 

    But seriously, Discord team- Please implement this in some capacity!

    With having society shift to online communities, I now have a school discord account (go figure) in addition to my personal account and it's getting to be a bit of a nuisance having to log in and out of those, how the app is set up right now.

    I cannot wait to see this plugged in to mobile functionality- it would really improve usability for me.

  • DevilMike

    My Discord doesn't show "Add Account" option. What versión is needed for this feature?

  • CdnmMastermind

    Discord is great for coordinating work teams who used to be able to meet in person. It is far better than Skype or Zoom, but I am concerned with keeping my work and private lives separate.


    At this time when more and more communities and such are moving online, it seems it would be a wise business move to let your current user base, who are mostly here for social and gaming reasons, easily urge their coworkers towards it for work purposes without the fear of their lack of privacy/separation that is probably currently giving them pause. 

  • Koshirun

    The Web-Version isn't a solution, at least for me.

    I need to use the full options of the app on two different accounts.

    Sadly, there is another bug: the hotkeys keep disappearing after each Account-Switch (giving Admin-Rights doesnt change that).

    Would be great, if there is better solution upcoming.

  • SpaceKobold

    Especially now that Discord is rebranding towards a more general chat service than just for gaming, we need a way to conveniently access and control multiple profiles from the same client. I'm on servers with old close friends, classmates, work groups, my family, and many others. I feel free to be myself with my friends (through profile pic, username, status, etc) but I need to put on a different persona when around my family, and yet another for classmates or others I'm not as close too. Because I'm limited to one profile though I have to pick the lowest common denominator that I'm willing to use for my profile. I think many other users can attest that they've wanted to set their status to something somewhat degenerate but couldn't because they're in a work server with their boss and coworkers, or not wanted to have the games their playing shown to all but a few servers.

    Multi-profiles would be a flexible and convenient (for the users) way to facilitate this, combined with a way to divide accounts. That way, users wouldn't have to get new accounts invited to servers; they can just initiate a divide, select which servers go to which half, and then can change account preferences from there. Each half could still be linked under some master profile system too, with each sub-account's one-way connection visibility defaulting to off (toggle-able on if you want, because more power to you). To switch sub-accounts, use the online status dialog in the bottom left, and/or allow profile switching in the top left "Home" menu that grants access to friends and DMs.

  • LazyOne

    i want Discord to have multiple account support on Android as well, right now its a hassle having to log out and log in back and forth

  • DxBang

    As for the Discord Desktop App it could be done by having both/or more accounts logged in at the same time and when you join a server, you will choose which profile you want to join with.

    That way all servers will remain available at all time.

    (I believe even twitter has support for this...)

  • DevMentor

    Tweetdeck provides this feature. You just add other accounts and then when you want to post you select the account to post from. The other option would be to allow marking the active account and then post would just come from the active account by default.

    Just making changing the active account easy, like with a fly-up list when right-clicking on the current name.

    Please add multiple account support, thank you!

  • MidlistAuthor


    It makes no sense why this hasn't already been implemented. It would be incredibly helpful, and I would likely use discord much more often, if I could easily switch between multiple accounts. I hope the devs take this into consideration sometime soon.

  • FdB

    As I started using Discord more and more for business, I needed to create another account. I do now want to check both on a regular basis, and I need a seamless integration of both accounts in one tool. The time to log off and log in again is over, as well as running multiple instances of the software.

  • glimo


    Wow, this is an awful post.  Yes, I pay, but what should that matter?  I want Discord to be feature compatible with their competitors (Slack, Teams, etc.).  All of them have the ability to support multiple accounts.  Why should how much I pay factor in to me alerting Discord on them falling behind on feature parity with their competitors?  

  • campfred

    It's more relevant than ever now with this pandemic. A lot of classes are turning to platforms like Discord and being able to have an account specific for university and the ability to keep my personal life away from my university classes while also being able to seamlessly use/switch between both similar to how Slack does with workspaces would be really great.

  • Erudian

    Completely agree that this is something that would be a fantastic QoL improvement for Discord. Similar to the functionality currently available in Twitter.

    Of course, it would be even better (IMO) if you could treat each account like a "folder" and have everything visible at the same time. Even if that isn't possible, though, at least being able to see that another account has active notifications would be a great "compromise".


    Plz, Discord 🙏🏽

  • Zone C Media

    Discord, Discord, Discord.... How many times have I call your name and you're not responding...

    Jokes aside, please do implement this functionality, no doubt it will be a game changer for all parties.

    With this can be achieved, but I want it the Discord way!

  • Manzana


  • Ninja87

    Please add this feature. 


  • Erudian

    @Stroodle - Completely irrelevant. Your question is predicated on the idea that only paying users can have an opinion about the application and its development. It also implies that non-paying users are somehow inferior or less important to the growth of Discord. Both of these presumptions are undeniably false. As long as the application's distribution model includes free access for users, requests for additional or updated features are totally legitimate from any and all sources. Good ideas can come from anyone, regardless of whether or not they pay for the product. There's no reason for the many free users to not have any voice in the direction of the product's development and growth. Perhaps some of these suggestions stem from users who are not paying specifically because a particular feature is not implemented.

    Of course, there is the matter of "tone". If a free user is demanding that they include a particular feature, that would be a totally separate and distinct discussion. This, however, is a suggestion/request. It also happens to be a feature that is apparently desired by many users - I've found a couple of threads on the same topic, some with many more votes (see - and could even result in widening the user-base as well as providing a possible path to additional revenue. For example, if they chose to add the feature behind a pay-wall, there's likely a not-insignificant percentage of currently "free" users that would be willing to spend something to access it.

    Regardless, however, suggestions and requests from paying users may carry more weight with the developers than those from users who do not directly, financially contribute to the project. That would, in fact, be a somewhat reasonable expectation. If it were to come down to a decision between two equally valid suggestions - one from a paying user and one from a non-paying user (all other conditions being the same, such as vote count, work required, etc.) - the one from the paying user would most likely be considered first.

  • Mark Borges Machado


    I poked discord a few times on twitter about this too but never got a reply of any kind.

  • Malygris

    Add my name to the list of people who want this feature. I have separate work and personal accounts,and being able to switch between them easily would be incredibly handy. And it should be easy enough to do. Tweetdeck enables it, as someone else already pointed out, but so does my IRC client and I've been using that since, well, it's been awhile.

    If Khaled Mardam-Bey could figure it out in 1995, surely the Discord team can put together something similar. I believe in you!

  • vadarf

    Exactly as @campfred said above, for keeping personal interests and business matters apart.

  • saghetti

    the account switcher has been added, expect it to roll out in the next few weeks.

  • transfaerie

    In re:

    There's an even better way to do this involving user profiles on chrome. If you click on your little face icon next to the settings menu in chrome, you can "Add People" and each "person" can have their own Chrome profile with their own Discord Login that persists after you close the window.

    The problem is that this does nothing for mobile users, who can't get notifications on anything but their main account on mobile.

  • Micheal

    YESSSS! Please...


    A feature where we can be logged into more than one account and switch between them would be awesome. 

    I'm currently using my personal email for my remote tech job because I don't want o login and out. Also, when you add this feature can you change email without having to leave the server...

    Solution... Keep it the way it is but each server can have its own email... Like Slack!





    My current workaround for this issue is to use the Discord PTB with my second account.

    The gist is this. You download a second beta version of Discord and log in the second version with a different account. It's not a mobile solution, but good enough for me.

    You can find the PTB here:

  • Dipper Pines

    Referring to

    That's what I was doing, but it's not as efficient. I kept mixing them up, always selecting the wrong one. It gets confusing sometimes. I just think it would be a great idea if they added multiple accounts per app. Would also love a mobile version.

  • Sonorpearl



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