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  • Mespi

    It's good for discord bots list. With this function we will check who is an author of bot.

  • IamSushi

    It will help me work with my bot-panel.

  • $Jakub$

    This can be very useful.

  • breathtake

    This function would be very interesting!

  • Strum355

    Disagree. Bot owner should have the right to not be known

  • Andre_601

    I downvote this.

    Not only has this a very little usage (bot lists aren't the only thing on Discord, but would probably be the only thing utilizing this), but could also be seen as a break of privacy.

    I wouldn't enjoy it, if I was banned from x Discords because I own bot y and was seen as owner for it through this method. This would be abused most likely, as pretty much everyone could gain access to the API one way or another.

    In addition would not every bot just have a single owner. Some would be in a team, making it more difficult to get the actual owner (Credits to v4 for bringing this up)

  • $Jakub$

    Maybe a function to just check if an user is the bot owner (or in bot team), not showing the owner info.

  • Łukasz
    Good Idea :)
  • Foksiu

    I disagree. Reason:

    The owner of the bot has right's to not be known.

    This would be an huge break of privacy for bot owners.

    Basically person that hates the bot and for example is really popular, could just ban them for owning an bot which is stupid.


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