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  • espen

    Hey Epictiger0123,


    So you're proposing the option to set a profile picture for all servers individually? It seems like an overly intricate solution for something that seems to be relatively niche problem. I see the usage case, but I don't think it has sufficient demand to be added as a feature on Discord. Can you tell me other situations where this option might be useful? (censoring profile pictures is another usage case, but could be implemented independently, with a more straight-forward approach)


    Also, can you elaborate on how you'd like the system to work?




  • peters

    Hello, I might can answer that. 

    I´m currently working on home office cause COVID-19. Me and my co-workers made a server to share some points about our work.

    Some of us already have a discord, in my case I used to use to play games, now its also a place to share my work. I wish I could change the picture for this server.



  • wmyp

    great idea

  • Nathan777

    I would use this feature for a similar thing to what the original poster suggested, and I have a suggestion for how it might work. I think it could be that when you go to change your nickname a similar interface to what you see when you open the user settings would come up. It would of course be simpler, because it would only have the ability to change your nickname and nickname-picture, but the look would be the same. You could then change them as you would normally.


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