an issue with the new server template feature that needs addressing!


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  • SevensU7P

    I have already brought this concern up with a few other server owner friends and they are all in agreement. This needs more work and security as in its current state is already compromising servers as we speak...

    They also feel the same, Why would we want someone else getting our hard work for nothing...


    Thanks again

  • SevensU7P

    Hello again,
    I would like to update you on this issue as things progress.
    I have been have meeting with other owners in private VCs out of ear shot of admins making them aware of this issue and they are all in agreement, This is a bad thing. Some have gone as far as removing admin perms from roles that would normally have this permission ultimately to safe guard there server until this is sorted.
    I can not stress enough how damaging this will be to the communities on Discord and ultimately the platform in a whole.

    Like I said before, this is already being exploited. Most of the server owners and admins are young teenagers. Some of which have dark sides and do not need much of an excuse to find a floor in something and exploit it. Some even adults!!!

    Please, with cherries on. Re-look and re-evaluate this risk assessment of this feature you have recently implemented because in it's current state, is only a security risk to servers, their owners and ultimately their community and in some cases, their Brand!

    I hope this is seen and more voice heard very quickly. As it needs to be rectified asap....



  • SevensU7P

    This is worse than originally thought. Its not Admin you need to gain access to this feature, its Manage Server permissions!
    Well Done Guys, Well Done! xD #slowclap

    Please sort this as this is a joke!!!


  • ZOO

    Have they changed this yet? Or is it still not showing up on the audit log?

  • Bryn

    Why are you allowing people to literally copy and steal other peoples' servers? Right down to the channel names? What kind of insanity is this?! At least give every server owner the ability to toggle this option OFF so they don't have people copy-pasting and stealing their work! 

  • Coil

    Can I ask a question? Why is it important that your admins cannot copy a template? Anything in the template can be made from scratch, it only saves them time that's all. What am I missing here?
    It's a genuine question, please look at it as such. I realize I might be ignorant of something here, given the passionate responses in this thread.

  • Yam

    Agreed. 😎

  • Aunix TIGYT

    Because if you actually spend some effort into it, it'll take too long and be too exhausting to do.
    I got scammed by this method today.


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