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  • uwu

    PREACH!!! ITS HORRID! It needs to be REMOVED. I HATE IT, you know what it reminds me of? SKYPE! I ***LEFT SKYPE*** 6 years ago for a reason, its layout was awful. it looked like crap. it ran like crap. Discord is slowly going down that dark path, please fix it.

  • SeizaKokoro

    What they said ^^^

  • futurerealm

    Yes exactly. I used to be able to have chat on bottom half and then fullscreen the individual above, but now its forced to be split and I have no say? This is so stupid. 

  • altcode



    Why would Discord think that we don't want to know when people are muted/deafened? Even if this were a change to appease people using it for classes (WOW DISCORD THIS TRASH LOOKS LIKE THE DUMPSTER FIRE THAT IS ZOOM) it doesn't even help that. What if I'm a teacher in a discord DM, how would I even know my students are looking at what I'm screen sharing unless I stop what I'm doing and open discord AND hover over each and every one of their 10+ icons???

  • kingepic84

    i second this


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