More keybinds


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  • Acid Refine

    To add on to this, it would also be great to have a key-bind to toggle: 

    Cozy or Compact  in Appearance > Message Display setting.



  • Whatif?

    In addition to this, I feel that it would be beneficial to also add a way to toggle between different microphones or webcams. I sometimes have to switch between mics because either one of them isn't working or the current one has bad quality. It would be useful to be able to streamline this to just a click of a button.


  • xnash

    I would love if I could set a keybind to toggle between normal voice activity and push-to-talk. This would be a great addition. 

  • Fricc

    One thing I think would be nice to make a keybind for is turning on and off noise cancellation. I use a soundboard on Voicemod, and the sounds always cut out or don't play at all if I have it on, but I have a ton of background noise and it's annoying to have to click on it every time I want to play a sound or talk. I hope this post gets more traction.


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