Please remove the new voice call UI.


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  • Skyer

    Agreed it looks terrible!

  • MinX

    It's worse than terrible. It's actually almost impossible to use because you can't even see the screenshare and chat or icons at the same time.

  • Kenshelent

    Plz remove that

  • flarez

    It's heartwarming knowing that almost everyone dislikes the new layout. I hate it too.

  • Trishields

    I also hate this. No need for rectangles or backgrounds.

  • Существо

    Delete this shit!!!

  • NovaKitsune

    The worst part is you have to hover over people to see if they are muted now which when you use multiple monitors can be a hassle and annoyance 

  • altcode

    @NovaKitsune it completely defeats the point of having discord open in a second monitor if you have to mouse to the window anyway! Hate this!

  • stix

    Yeah! Why would anyone want a rectangle when they have a circle icon

  • Lapsus

    The new UI makes screen sharing completely and utterly unusable. I'm not even being hyperbolic here, did anyone even try to do screen sharing with this before pushing it out?

    I can't dedicate an entire screen to something like this, and I can't make it any larger without completely hiding the chat, which is often still active in spite of someone sharing a screen in a group call.

    Please, for the love of god, either roll it back, or at least give us the option to use the old, infinitely more usable UI.

    Seriously, about all I can manage is a postage stamp. It wasn't ideal before, but it's just terrible now.

  • Not Weirdoverse

    Too bad discord doesn't care what the community thinks, doesn't even show community the stuff and releases it anyway.

  • Azxre

    pls remove looks horrible ill switch to teamspeak if u dont lul


  • TheLoyalServant

    I agree , it looks so bad as it possible 

  • SleeplessVR

    Yes i hate the new design too.

  • Mr. Kat ate Pie

    pls revert i dont like being a box i cant roll

  • timothy

    I don't like it either, it's more complicated to use compared to how it was before in my opinion. Please just go back to the old "circles" UI.

  • EN

    If someone has a white profile pic it expands to a huge white box that blinds me so then I have to minimize discord which is rather counter-productive

  • Lunae

    Please go back the the circles! PLEASE!

  • teal-mafia

    Its even worse now since today, the big rectangles are now taking over the full screen..

    Even if you actually turn on your webcam with your partner, the black void surrounding the webcams are taking over the space more than before, even design-wise this new functionality aint actually working as it should anymore.

  • CarlolucaS

    I don't know who tests this kind of stuff but they should be ashamed of themselves. How can anyone look at this and think: "Oh yeah, this looks good and it not inconveniant at all." Also there is no way to contact Discord about this. I am pretty sure everyone hates this new UI but there is no way to actually contact Discord about this.


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