Scroll Bars


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  • KaptainCnucklz

    Oh gosh please yes. I can't even afford glasses or to get my eyes checked, but it doesn't change that I'm blind as a bat. Additionally, just give us more scroll bars in general on things that don't have them already. The server list desperately needs one.

    I don't have a scroll wheel at the moment, since I'm waiting till I can buy a new mouse and using my (now ancient) Logitech Trackman to get by. Nothing having a reasonably visible scroll wheel (let alone an easy to click one) is a terrible user experience. They're too close in color to the background and FAR too tiny.

  • catopia

    I have just spent ages trying to find the server scroll bar on the black background. I guess from the above post I could not find it as there is not one. I ended up leaving servers so they would all fit.

    Please give the option to change the scroll colour and also to set a full width, instead of the super skinny ones.

  • Tellbrian

    4 years later, and Discord still hasn't addressed this? I'd be cited for an accessibility violation if I did this in my web dev job. Please help us people with vision impairments who have paid for Nitro, and prefer dark themes, and make the scroll bars a lighter contrasting color! 


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