The new UI is awful, and I'll raise some points in the favor of everyone else who thinks it's also hideous.


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  • Feartan

    I absolutely agree, though I have one more point to add.

    On top of the rectangles just being a pain to look at, much less not meshing well with the more recent circular buttons, there's no longer an option for us to choose between having everyone in a call shown, or just focused on others. As an example, When I'm on a call with my SO I don't really need to,  or want to, see my own camera, I would much rather see them. And even if I Maximize them its the same issue as with the screen share where it minimizes the chat and I can still see myself. If I'm doing other things on my screen I have to drag my discord off to the side so I can see them at all, otherwise I'm just looking at my own camera and that not the point of me being in a video call with them.

  • Meepone23

    Yes it is awful, they clearly don't care about us

  • Blaire/Harb/Herb etc.

    Yes! Completely agree with all points made.

    I will add for the benefit of others, I accidentally found out that while chat is hidden and you're in Focus mode instead of Grid mode, a Member List button will appear, and clicking that will hide your face at the side making the Focused person take up the whole section. But again, it forces you back into grid mode whenever you have the chat open, so... 🙄

  • Pandas Eat Rage

    Losing 50% of your video viewing area because you're forced to see yourself is ridiculous. And clicking the person just gets rid of the chat box which I use pretty often and it's a big flaw to not have a feature that used to be in.

  • altcode

    Aside from all the problems mentioned in this post and elsewhere, it's also REALLY hard to see who is talking at any given moment. They made the squares huge and decreased the green outline that shows the speaker... if I didn't know my friend's voices I wouldn't know who was talking.

  • Amatiramisu

    Rolled up to voice the exact complaint. There's no reason my own camera should take up half the real estate from the call and that maximizing my girlfriend's camera covers the chat. We don't use our mics often due to internet connection issues so this is just a major kick in the teeth for us. Also, is it just me or does this update just completely insult people with accessibility issues? What if you need the chat open but you need to do something via screenshare in that tiny call window?

    Either way personally I dig needing to use my phone and my PC at the same time just to get the same functionality Discord had a day ago.

  • kingepic84

    i second this


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