why does support take so long to respond


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  • otakuandroi

    I send them email and it been 10 days without respond

  • Lottery248

    for me, i have to push this up again. i don't wanna open another ticket talking about the same thing, so i decided to continue in the same ticket. that ticket right now is still open after one response from the Clyde. no one is willing to follow up.

  • {Vertigo_Fuzion}

    Yeah, Im sure there busy but we really need discord to awnser our emails Bc some of us only have disocord to contact anyone. So plz hurry Up! Thank you!


  • Keanu Reefs

    Because the support teams here do not care, they treat all of us like trash.

    My ticket has been marked as solved 4 times now, I've repeatedly told them that the ticket is NOT solved.

    Reach out to their CEO on Twitter, https://twitter.com/jasoncitron, tell him what we're dealing with. Discord shouldn't be able to get away with treating customers this way.


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