UI - please revert


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  • Girl Chan

    I agree, the new message UI on mobile is soooooo laggy and annoying and why the heck does it remove the image button when i type?? ughhh oml its so frustrating id rather get out my laptop now.

    Also literally who the heck wanted a nitro boost button on the freaking message UI?????

    Literally everyone else hates it too

    Please Discord at least give us the option to have the old UI, it was so much more intuitive and efficient

  • Constant Concern

    Also agreed. I just downloaded the updated today and I'm quite dissapointed. Like you guys have said, the old version was much more intuitive. Now, why in the world is the attachement button seperated into two buttons (camera and file), when the old button covered both those options in one? Why do they have to dissapear when I'm typing? This seems like it was changed just for the sake of having something changed, instead of improving user experience. Please, at least give an option to use the old version. It would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jessy

    Anyone know how to find the pins in a groupchat? I just can't seem to find it

  • BurntToast7

    Please, discord, please let us use the old UI. Just put some sort of a toggle in somewhere. I understand that the bugs will eventually go away, but we don't like the rounded design. Completely ruins the feel of the app.

  • ShyLittleGirl972

    The gift feature being right by the attachment button is so annoying. You’re guaranteed to hit it by accident. Also why move the emote button? It was fine where it was. Also why make everything smaller? I don’t want to scale up my entire phone’s font just for discord.

  • Funky Grandpa 💖💜💙

    The text box’s new rounded edges and excess space makes it take up far too much room on iOS, and the new UI just seems to make everything much larger, despite the text being smaller, making the screen show less messages than before while simultaneously being even harder to read- all of the changes made were entirely unnecessary, and were forced on me via an automatic update. PLEASE revert these changes, there is not a single positive to the new UI change.

  • JackNightshade

    The new UI update is inconvenient when I'm typing up long posts and need to reread my posts before I post them and when making edits. Additionally I have found the new UI behavior to be baffling at the best of times and
    a downright annoyance at the worst. I implore you to make an option to use an older UI.


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