Free Discord Boosting bot


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  • Garud

    This bot is not even a verified bot. You will see a tick mark for verified bots

    This is most likely a scam. Remember, there is no such thing as free lunch and Discord Boosts costs money.

    Edit: And reported!

  • Ash K.

    i have received the message and perceived it as fake.

  • ScorchedTrace

    I got it as well, I tried to search on google but I can't find any official announcement about giving free nitro for Discord's birthday. So I'm concerned that this is a scam bot.

    Besides, Wikipedia said that Discord was released in May 13, 2015.

  • Joshh

    Also, in this article it says 'If you receive a Direct Message from a bot offering you something, or asking you to click on a link, disregard it! We have never created a bot designed to offer you free products, so you can safely determine that this is a scam. Therefore, we can conclude that this is a phishing scam.

  • FrAnK

    Dont think this type of scamms are real .Eventually a virus or hack is released in discord profiles or server ,maybe this is one .If official discord says nothing about this is because isnt real .I have receibed today morning and my birthday is in months .Just block the profile and close dm.DO NOT ADD THIS TO YOUR SERVER

  • Aisu

    I just had it right now, Idk where it came from, Idk if we have mutual servers and it scared me. So, I tested the Discord Bot in my Old Discord Server. Which... I don't really use it anymore but I'm assuming it's a hack or anything. I still don't know.

  • Joshh

    This bot is 100 % fake, even if Discord gave away boosts/gifts (never happening) they would make a blog post very soon. You can tell by the spelling it is fake also, it isn't even a verified bot either. This is very sketchy, never trust things like this. I tested this out on a no good server. If you look at the permissions required, it could destroy your server. I think it gets your mutual servers and DMs you through there.

  • TovaReign_Xqm

    I got this message just now. This message was sent on my birthday which me think this was real

  • Zenma

    I added this bot to my server... Are my personal informations leaked to this bot? Or just the server info?

  • r1gor

    I think, that fake. Ban this bot.

  • IvanWarrior

    If you accidentaly invited it to your server and authorized it, if you had it banned/deleted quickly, is it okay? Is the server okay, and is my account safe?

  • Soar

    Do not add this to your server...


    I recieved this and asked if it is legit and they sent me a server invite with this text:


    (Edit) it says that togglemonster has sent it to me


  • MisterOp01

    but what if you were to actually invite them for like 2 hours and then kick them is the damage already been done ?


  • 「 l1y4h 」

    Same! I received an invite to an E-girl server and I forgot who it was who invited me but it just happened!

    (Edit) went back to it and the person who invited me was togglemonster

  • Xero

    I got it, and have found that it was through a mutual server that it was invited.  It is currently in over 1k servers, and I would not be surprised if when its creator thinks its ready they will just delete the channels of every server its in or something similar.  It will DM all people in every server its in.

  • Aisu

    Nope, It's fake. It just send me more Weird E-Girl server and asked me to join.

  • Stolas

    Has the bot been taken down? It looks like it has been so it looks like it was a scam

  • Beatrice ▽

    Hello there,

    Such bots and spam messages are fake. Believe me, you can complain about the bot owner at

    Best Wishes,


  • sleepykana

    what the bot can do if i add the bot to my discord server??

  • mekb

    Only verified bots will have a tick next to their BOT badge

    There is no such thing as 'free nitro', it's a scam. Just report and block it:

    If you grant it access to your server and not access to your account, it can only nuke your server, spam, etc, not your account.

    Never grant it access to anything you care about!

    Discord really should ban these accounts, instead of renaming the bot to 'scam' or whatever. =P

  • Aisu

     I banned the BOT and send him messages about what he was actually trying to do to us that fall for his/her scam.
    I told him get a life since he wanted to scam us all.Like, who would trust that? So to other people, warn to the new people in Discord.

  • Bappo Chan

    i just got one

    very sus

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  • JabronLames23

    It's fake. After I tried it I spammed fake and it blocked me. lol


  • Cral

    @IvanWarrior yeah you're probably safe i did the same thing i added it to my old server. all it did was message everyone in the server.

  • zootbar

    I got the same thing today, 24 days after the post, from a user named "spambot" with a BOT suffix, but there is no verification mark, and the user doesnt seem to have nitro, so I just made a server to add in into that I dont use.

    This is the message:

    Discord BirthDay - Official ©
    To thank you for your loyalty on discord, we are setting up an event to get free boost. Must add it in all your servers and wait 24h. click for add
    © Discord Official - 27/05/2020
    Do not add it if you want your server to be safe, I dont know what it does.
  • PexeLukive

    What happens if I've already allowed the bot into my server, but then kicked and blocked it after realizing it's a scam? Is my server still compromised?

  • 🔥Bahoi🔥

    well i reported/blocked him sooo yeh i'm good xD

    PS: it was the bot that gives you FREE BOOSTS

  • Meedil

    Here is something from discord's page on scam/phishing bots:

    "If you receive a Direct Message from a bot offering you something, or asking you to click on a link, disregard it! We have never created a bot designed to offer you free products, so you can safely determine that this is a scam."

    To put it simply: this is a scam just ignore these DM's from these random bots.


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