Ability to delete messages from others only for you


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    I agree we should have the ability to Delete whole conversations/messages. Not sure why this is not already possible 

  • Thebob

    I believe it is because it is very easy to send admin half of conversations- I am a admin on a large server and if you could delete other msg thing would be taken out of context causing false bans or mutes @the witcher


  • Twelve0Zero

    Discord must get feedback like this multiple times a day, but I don't know why they haven't implemented it yet. It (from my non-experienced self) should be easy to implement.

  • MrKafr

    I think discord could implement this. Everybody with a little bit of technical knowlage knows, that discords run on elektron, so deleting messages on FE is possible. Thats removing a lot of potential abuse (because this fuction is already possible)


  • Tsumai

    With the one problem someone said up further in the comments, why not just have both parties send you ss of the chat if they are claiming the other is hiding information? I mean if it only deletes it on one side what does it matter?
    Some of us just want our chat history gone, Idgaf about them having it still.

    I think discord needs to implement this like now.

  • KadenLuvsClara

    We really need this, because bots like Partner bot and all those other bots keep on inviting me to servers which I don’t want to be in for multiple reasons


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