Built-in Agree to Rules function


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  • Blui

    I think it should be done in a similar way to how twitch does it - As soon as you Join, There should be an overlay containing the rules. You can only write messages on the server after clicking OK. Re-reading the rules would be possible by clicking on the Server Menu and selecting rules.

  • MrKafr

    This can be easily handle by a bot if you want to atomated. Just give "everyone" (basic roles) permisions to enter only rules room and force them to react to rules. After they react, bot will give them role that have access to another rooms... If you dont want bot, you can give them role by yourself.

  • †dest屑iny†

    there are already plenty of bots that can do this, though I agree that it would be nice as a built-in feature (especially considering sometimes a bot might be down)

  • DaRealDeal789

    I use a bot for my agreement system. It's quite simple really. All you need to do is make a rules channel, then make 2 roles, the first role, set it to where you cannot see any channels EXCEPT for the rules channel. Then there will be some sort of reaction or command a user has to run to verify that they've read the rules. Once they done that, they'll get the second role and access to the server.

  • IamVictor

    What bot is it?

  • roadman


  • asuna

    You can use many bots- I use carl-bot or rulesbot to make rules and then it automatically assigns roles if you react to the rules and that's how you get the access to other chats. But before that you need to make 2 seperate roles. One for reading the rules only (autorole after someone joins the server) and the second one with full access (reaction roles). I hope it helped you a little bit and I hope you understand what i wrote here lol.

  • iZUi

    hey liang.xe can you help me out

    PLS ADD ME ON DISCORD FOR DM       my username: iZUi#6651

  • Impossible Reality

    Discord seems to be taking steps to adding this. In the Canary build they just released an update that adds rule channels ( normal text channels with a different icon ):

  • bren

    Impossible Reality how do i do that? my discord is bren#7893. if you could message me it would be super helpful! thank you!

  • blox

    bren just enable community at server settings then set the community guidelines channel

  • tokzie

    asuna can you help me set up the carl bot for reacting to the rules to access the channels?

  • ¡ Wolfie || - ♛

    Yeah, most of my members which isn't much, but, still. They might not actually read the rules. I really would feel like my server is more secure knowing everyone agrees with the rules. Making it so nobody can see or access the server until agreeing to the rules is something I don't know how to do. If some could help me that would be great! My user is. {Cupcake.#7546}

  • The Dealer

    Hi when I got to agree to the servers rules of says failed to upload settling


    Use reaction role bot it s really helpful



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