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  • joseph

    I don't work for Discord, but please speak English in your future posts so more people can understand what you're saying without having to translate it themselves and then worry about understanding any grammar mistakes that don't make sense.

    Here is the translation for what Berkay has suggested, I've also modified the text so it makes more sense to English speakers: "She swore at me in direct messages, and then deleted the message. I want the ability to undelete the message. (Mrs. Muffin), insulting users."

  • joseph

    Okay, now that I've said that, time for me to comment on the actual suggestion.

    I usually hate being unconstructive, but it's whatever. This suggestion is literally just calling for the removal of a feature that we've all used plenty of times, especially if you get into some edgy conversations on here, wink.

    Back to the point. Almost all chatting apps have a delete feature, and Discord is one of them. I delete at least one message per day. A majority of the users would be royally pissed off at Discord if they removed this feature, including myself and almost all of my friends on here.

    Now that I've put my two cents into this post, time for me to go onto another one. Have yourself a great day!

  • VieLassiel

    I agree with Joseph (post above this one)

    People usually have reasons for deleting a message, and besides all of that... if they deleted the message they probably wanted to take back what they said, or reword something they said, and while it's not always for the sake of being a better person... they still have the right to delete the messaged they wrote.

    Removing a feature (or giving people the ability to reverse it non the less) that people have requested and loved is just silly, and I'm sorry to say but the way you worded your request just sounds like you're being petty.

    You shouldn't be upset about messages that don't even exist anymore. Calm down, relax, and try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and if it bothers you THAT much? Block them. Simple.


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