Security Key


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  • Luxzi

    I 100% agree but not even just for high profile figures, I feel this would be good for every discord user since if you don't have the key, you can't login so your account can't get hacked by database leak or any other way of your info getting out there. So this would fix many of those issues since currently 2FA works but is also not ideal, since if you get cookie logged it'll just be bypassed.

  • Bryiewes

    I recently got a USB security key, and found that discord (unlike most services I use 2FA on) does not have the option to use one. This is a major security flaw, and would take no time at all to implement. Most devices already provide a way to use security keys (such as Microsoft's Windows Hello, or the functionality in Google's Play Services.)

    Please, please, PLEASE, add the functionality.


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