Discord's "Early Verified Bot Developer" and "Verified Bot Developer" badge


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  • TM

    Hey, the badge isnt there anymore becauese to many people tried to fake their 100 Servers and wrote applications. IIt is good that it is not there anymore, by that applications are handed way quicker

  • pen

    In my opinion, they should add this back but on two conditions. They should keep track of the rate of servers who are adding your bot to their server, Keep an eye out on how many servers are owned by the developer with the bot is in. Maybe a couple of other procedures to check if the server count isn't cheated.

    A "Verified Bot Developer" badge would be great for people to show they are legitimately a developer on discord.

  • Huguitis

    I totally agree

  • mathstrains19

    Adding to what ISlipperCedder said, maybe also look at the number of the servers owned by the same person.

    For otherwise, the bot dev could make an alt and create 100 servers to get the numbers!

  • Splatterxl

    They already check for that.

    I agree with OP's point about the bot owners, but I think instead of bringing the badge back, the application's owner should be shown on the OAuth2 Authorize page.


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