Discord account disabled due to being hacked


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  • -Nope-

    Unbanned him I think its unreasonable to ban him  

  • trinh

    Yeah, this was one of my main ways through making my main income through crypto drops. 

  • limdimsim

    This has happened to me before, my account also got hacked thus causing the disable of my discord account which I had multiple servers and dms which are now all lost. I tried contacting discord but nothing happened so I just gave up. Hopefully this guy gets his justice done.

  • Me

    Unbanned him he did nothing wrong and the ban was unreasonable no reason and no clue why you ban him 

  • Kp7jim

    Is there anyone who had this problem and actually managed to get his account back?
    I want to now if there is any hope or if I should stop trying.


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