Phishing hack taken account i've had since 2016 away from me


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  • PanConMessi

    I GOT THE SAME MESSAGE. I opened the link and it took me to an exact replica of the discord login page, i put my acc details (idk how was I so dumb now that I think back) and my account got completely stolen. I sent a ticket to the discord support but they didn´t answer me. Now the hacker changed everything on the acc, left all the servers, even said some nasty things in some of them. I even had nitro. Moving to your case, your authentication codes probably dont work because the hacker changed them. After logging into your acc, they changed the password and changed the codes. If they did, your only option is that the support team of Discord helps you, but considering their lack of response or help in the majority of this cases idk if you will be able to get it back.

  • Betrayed Pidge

    I've gotten responses from discord support but they have been of little to no help, im sorry we are facing down this dreadbeast of gullibility together

  • Gingy

    Same here. I haven't heard back after over 2 weeks and I'm pretty sad. Been using discord since it came out, swapped off Skype with friends and now it's all gone with little to no help or response. I'm going to email them again today when I get home with even more proof my shit has been stolen and used to purchase nitro gifts that has yet to be refunded as well.

  • Xeoke

    I had the exact same thing happen to me this morning. I'm a Discord Partner and Discord has yet to assist. Luckily my credit card is expired otherwise, I'd be in debt with the transactions the hackers tried to make. 

    I'm hoping Discord gets it together and helps us. The phishing attempt looks so real, especially since I had clicked it only being half awake. My backup codes don't work.. what's the point of having them if they can be deleted / changed? Makes no sense!

    Come on Discord Staff, help us out please!


    discord are currently on a power trip, handing out ban hammers like candy. they literally dont care about anything else, and will not assist at all other than rejecting any appeals, and closing every ticket that is opened. complain too much, or keep opening the tickets, or open new tickets, and discord blacklists you from getting support.


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