24 hours and still no response


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  • PanConMessi

    The exactly same thing happened to me, and I´ve been waiting for 24 hours now and the hacker already changed the password and email. I sent a ticket to discord support but they didnt aswer me, then I sent a direct email to the support again but same treatment... I saw a lot of posts in reddit or discord feedback saying that they had to wait weeks or even months to get a reply. I hope your case get fixed soon mate.

  • Gingy

    I've been waiting 2 weeks after giving them all the info they asked for and haven't gotten a response since. Didn't get a refund or anything yet either. Discord support is a joke.


    i've been waiting for close to 2 months after my account was compromised by trust and safety themselves. accused me of a crime i didnt commit on their platform, and disabled my account over an email i sent. it has since been deleted by discord.


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