Simpler BOTs (based on the Guilded™ BOT system)


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  • asciidude

    Just no.

  • Vico

    Can you enlighten me the reason of the "Just no."? asciidude

  • asciidude

    The way Discord is for *developers* is good as it is. I kind of see why you want this added, but if the server owner wants to make a simple bot it's not that hard. I will, in fact, provide some code below of what it would look like for a super simple one to read "hi" and return "hello"


    const Discord = require('discord.js'); // import the discord.js library
    const client = new Discord.Client({ INTENTS: "yeah im not going to do this part" }); // initialize a Discord client with intents (required as of v9)

    client.once('ready', () => console.log('ready'));

    client.on('messageCreate', (message) => {
    if(message.content.toLowerCase() === 'hi') { // check if the message equals "hi"
    message.reply({ // reply to the message
    content: 'hello'


    Learning how to code is really easy, especially with Discord bots, given you have some background knowledge. Also, there are millions of Discord bots, I doubt that there isn't one for the server owner.



  • asciidude

    Side note, they can also create webhooks, which are just as easy and may even be the same as this, they just have to find the right service. There's also bot creation services out there that are free that offer the same as this.

  • Vico

    First, stop this dev chauvinism. Let's dissect what you just said:

    The way Discord is for *developers* is good as it is.

    No, it isn't. It was never for developers. Discord started as a platform for gamers, and now is moving to be the meeting place for everyone. Placing obstacles to server owners to power up their servers isn't much aligned with this goal.

    Plus, my request doesn't mean to phase-out the standard API as we know it. Guilded itself, for example, have this feature built-in but also have plans to add a Discord-like API so both kinds of mods can coexist together. Only difference the built-in ones (that i'm requesting here) are "ready" internally for easy customization, and are fused into the interface and infrastructure of the software itself.

    Second, you just throw a random block of code trying to make me shut my mouth. Did you really read my request and the meaning of it?

    These simpler bots would make life easier for server owners who don't have coding knowledge (or time to learn) or aren't able to keep a script running 24/7 on a raspberry pi or on an external hosting.

    You also used a Node.js code as an example. In addition to the whole issue of knowledge in development and the requirement of having "somewhere" to host this script, you still chose the worst example of platform, considering the intention of showing practicality and ease to maintain a traditional bot.

    Node.JS packages require periodic updates with relatively high frequency because folks keep finding vulnerabilities in all these npm packages out there If only you showed an example using Python...

    So, do you want some advice? The next time you try to challenge a request by here, take a time to actually read the request content and then choose less shallow and contradictory arguments for the counter-argument. My request is not intended to upset the status quo of the existing bot platform or remove any part of it, so unless you are a BOT owner and fear losing users of your BOTs there is nothing to worry about. Only a fraction of the most tech-savy admins would use it.

    By the way, let's the staff decide if my idea is worth to be considered or just a piece of crap.

  • Tinman

    Many bots like MEE6 and Dyno provide a visual interface, where the user can bootstrap their server using a dashboard. Discord might not even add this feature(considering their track recording of promising features and never adding it).

  • oqammx86, XcHeeZ


  • Vico

    Tinman i try to avoid such bots like the ones you mentioned because, well, they charge for the nice things. I will not judge their buisness model here, just saying my request was aimed to folks that cant pay for premium plans of bots or to self-host a bot or can't code. So these bots aren't really an option, if they really offer anything remotely similar of what Guilded offers. But i agree to you of Discord promising things and not implementing. Now that they have a strong competitor, they better to take care of what they arent implementing...

    oqammx86, XcHeeZ another brat that appears to disagree with the request but can't discourse why exacly my request is a "no". Is so hard to ignore my request if you dont like it? No need to express anger with this request as this is not intended to remove any current functionality from Discord.


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