[IMPORTANT!!!] [PLEASE READ!!!] The state of this feedback forums, and Discord's support website in general.


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  • cyberdev

    Hi, Kaixvny! Thank you for posting this and reaching out to the community.

    Sorry to hear you are having you have these concerns about the discord support site. While I cannot answer all these points, I can address the first and third one.

    You have a solid point. There is a lack of answered questions officially solved by the discord team. The reason that discord has support.discord.com is that it is meant to be a community forum. It can be solved by ANYONE, not only moderators. It might not seem like it, but the support site does have auto-moderation features that are triggered by keywords or AI detection. Detecting useless questions would be a hard task, something that can only be done manually. The fact that support.discord.com is run by a community instead of official moderators has some upsides and some downsides. If you want an answer from discord directly, use dis.gd/contact.

    The other topic is indeed filled with random topics and topics that should be directly contacted to discord. The solution for this is really tough. If this support site is locked, that 5% of people who actually have something to say will be unheard. Keeping the support site with some bit of spam and highly active moderators is a good idea. 

    Discord is a great platform for all communities from artists to developers. With 150+ million active users, discord is required to maintain global safety standards. As they own the platform and described in discord TOS:

    Subject to applicable law, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account and/or your access to some or all of our services with or without notice, at our discretion

    While this might not be good for users, it is required to comply with global laws. Discord reserves the right to terminate any account because:

    • they are required to do so to comply with a legal requirement or court order.
    • reasonably believe termination is necessary to prevent harm to you, us, other users, or third parties.

    We are supposed to get response in a maximum of 48 hours. Waiting 16 days is UNACCEPTABLE. Fix this.

    There is no maximum, discord only states that it tries its best to get you an answer in around 48 hours but cannot guarantee it. 

    You have made highly valid points in your post. Some of them indeed need the help of discord to be solved. With this, you have my respect and upvote.


  • Kaixvny

    Hello cyberdev! Thanks for responding, support team makes much more sense now, i always knew there were some sort of guideline saying they could do this, though while writing it couldn't reach my head.

    One of the downsides though of this site being ran by the community is that suggestions will most likely not get answered.

    and I do feel like the main reason this site is so unmoderated, is due to the fact it has barely any traction, if you take a look at most posts, you wont see more than 4 upvotes, or 3 comments. 

    Hopefully this site does get better in the future, as it could hold great potential for Discord to interact with the community.


  • SlimJimjim

    Its difficult to have any real support when bots run the show for the most part, and the times you get any response its always the same old copy paste response, and its usually a 50/50 chance on if you're disabled and get enabled again, regardless of if you did anything wrong or not. This is the only platform ive seen that has almost no support at all, every other place ive been on, support responds in a few minutes, to maybe a couple days tops, most of the time when i try to appeal a ban that happened to me for pretty much no reason, they either dont respond at all, or take over a month to respond, with the same copy paste message, and the part thats annoying is they responded multiple times saying they undid the ban, but im still disabled. feels like they're either trolling, or  whichever bot they're using is messing up. Or both. I really hope someday new people can work for discord, and give it the real support that is desperately needed so we dont have to keep losing our account and starting over


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