Discord Nitro Family Plan
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discord nitro students
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Diminuir o preço do Nitro
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Audio Quality behind Nitro is NOT okay
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Nitro Payment with Dogecoin
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Boost server - It's a robbery
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Nitro Subscription Card
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Nitro Classic and Nitro perks (regarding profile banners and such)
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Discord Profile banner's should be available to all users, whether or not they have Discord Nitro.
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NITRO boosting cooldown
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Allow different channel to Nitro boost announcements than welcome messages
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Discord Store Achievements
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Open Discord games offline?
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Discord Nitro Classic for Verified Bot Developers
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Nitro Boost concerns and suggestions
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Merch Store
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Nitro Refund
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New boost perk idea
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Add the ability to throttle your game download speed
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Banners Should Be Available To All Nitro Users (In-Depth)
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Nitro not working even though I've been charged
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Badge for nitro gifters
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Allow servers to track boost count for individual users
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Discord nitro buying with PaySafeCard
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Ability to buy nitro gifts with your nitro credit
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New Payment Method For Nitro (Mobile users)
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More Pin slots as a Nitro Boosting perk?
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Idea: Swap "Server Banner" and "Custom server splash background" Nitro Boosting Perks
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Give Partners more incentive to keep their partnership before Server Boosting makes it obsolete
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