Second disabled account
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Account suspended for being underage
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My account was disabled & discord is ignoring me...
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Lets gooo finally got my account back!
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My account was disabled for being underage
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my account was falsely disabled for being underage
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Email still "doesn't exist" despite Discord saying so
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I begin to lose hope for this :(
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I am Locked out of my Account because of 2FA and Discord Support not doing Anything
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Disabled Account Due To Scammer Having Access To My Original Account
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How long does it take for Discord support to reply within a ticket?
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Account hacked by malware that added 2fa and changed password
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Tips for hacked and disabled accounts!
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Wrong account age
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I'm waiting for them to unblock me.
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I cant receive a password reset email when I send a password reset request
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I don't receive a password reset email
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Underage Appeals
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Under 13
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Disabled Account
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Funny behavior from discord support if your account has been suspended
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Discord account wrongfully suspended.
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Suspended Account for Age
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How do you create Discord account?
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Boîte mail inaccessible
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Demande de réactivation de mon compte
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