Please help me recover my hacked account
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"I Got Banned - "Account Disabled - Violation of TOS"
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Underage ban
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I mistakenly gave into "accidental reporting" scam, and I can't access my account anymore.
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My account got hacked and need help fast..
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I got my acc back from the "accidentally reported you" scam
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Profile Upgrade (Express Yourself!)
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Account suspension due to age
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…so did a bunch of us get suspended for being supposedly underage?
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I lost my account to a fake Discord Support staff
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Demande de réactivation de mon compte
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Account falsely disabled & tickets being ignored.
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It's almost been 31 days on my age appeal, no response on my ticket
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Why Is support useless - Hacked account
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Discord account disabled immediately after registration
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MEXC referans kodu: "mexc-rb" (2024 Haziran)
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How do you get your hacked account back?
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Discord's Official Server
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Add Instagram and other social media links
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My experience with trust and safety
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your account has been disabled
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Verifying account ownership
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You have disabled your account and are not responding to messages
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Account Recovery
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Disabled for age violation.
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they banned my account because in theory I'm not old enough
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