Account has Been disabled for NO REASON
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Account Banned for No Reason Given???
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My account got disabeled without email, and discord support keeps marking my ticket as "solved"
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Friend borrowed my phone and now I'm disabled on Discord? What do I do?
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Me deshabilitaron la cuenta y el soporte no me contesta
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Account disabled for TOS violation
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iPad notifications through Safari, not just Discord app
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Account Wrongfully Disabled for no Reason
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The feedback site login is confusing
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Discord not helping with my hacked account
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disabled account
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Discord Score - See how many messages you have sent/received
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Account disabled for no reason
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!!! Switch Between Multiple Accounts Enhancement Abgeschlossen
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How long does it usually take Discord Support to respond?
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Undeletable messages
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Go GUILDED (discord are not support for client)
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Age verification
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계정이 정지되었습니다
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delete my daughter's account
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Increase the limit of user created notes, or remove the restraint.
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I can't edit or leave my server as an owner
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Discord support, please reopen this
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Demande de réactivation de mon compte
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Yet another post about Discord's horribly negligent Support
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[Suggestion] Server Maintenance Mode
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Maintenance mode
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Can't swap username to other account
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