The Bulgarian Cyrillic font 🇷🇺🚫
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Font color in emails don't have enough contrast to background
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"Moderation requires 2FA" banner is not dismissable; covers content
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Mosaic Images BAD, here's a FIX.
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I'm about as annoyed as I possibly can be... with myself.
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Mise en place de séparateur de catégorie / salon // Use of separator between cat / chan
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Time options
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dark emojis
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Feature Request: Setting monitor for Discord app
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Mosaic image layout is nightmarish for artists.
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The new Image display format is horrible, both in Mobile smartphone and in PC.
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Potential Solution To Image Update Issue.
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Support not responding
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About screen delivery and live
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About the Discord System
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Please stop changing the display in useless and annoying ways.
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Please add back how images looked
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New discord color unpleasant
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Firefox nearly impossible login in support site
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Channel inroduction info on mobile app
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How i turn of display game status
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Provide "word wrap" toggle after pasting large messages
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Add a toggle for gallery view and remove rounded edges/blurriness
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about the new image update
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New Image Format sucks, please revert ASAP
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Revert multi-image upload mosaic view
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Enable Visible Filenames on uploaded videos
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Please make it an option or remove the grid for pictures
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Revert this atrocious new cluster image/video embedding update asap please
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