Can the sound when you get a message in the same channel on pc be added to mobile?
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디스코드 폰트 사용자 지정 / customize discord's font
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"NEW" icon pop up speed when scrolling servers.
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Discord's New Mobile UI Inaccessibility (Video Calls)
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Server Folders are nigh-on impossible to parse visual
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I want to save the group chat contents as a text file.
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Discord won't switch to windowed mode and can't be moved
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There is no alt text for icons that fail to load
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Deny access to blocked users
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Spatialized Audio for sensitive hearing
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I reinstalled Phantom and I think my Solana is missing from my wallet.
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The mobile app is a disaster
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reflect the mobile app improvements with the browser app
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Red dot notifcation - Update?
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profile effects & accessibility options.
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Show your disability on your profile
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Mobile UI is awful, everything is over complicated and the design gives me headaches
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[Desktop] Profile Layout
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The Onboarding "Welcome Sign" is potentially difficult to read
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Accessibility in knowledge bases
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Sort servers by most recently used
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It is suggested to add real-time translation function
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Dark Mode
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Copying the message link
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Misleading chat font scaling setting
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Issue with image scaling on all devices as of 1/25/2024
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Не помню пароль и почту
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