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    Role Permission: Unarchive Thread

    Instead of making moderators the only ones allowed to permanently archive a thread, allow a role that will dictate whether or not members can unarchive currently archived threads.Enabled by default.

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    The idea was for it to match how channel categories are handled. You see the way that you can have all of the channels share the same settings you give the category, or you can single them out diff...

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    General Parity with PC

    The ability to make custom colored roles, gif picker, the "jump to chat button" jumping to the exact message you were looking at, etc. Many people use discord specifically on their phones or tablet...

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    Search for what other people are playing

    If you're in the mood to play a game with some people, the ability to search for what other people are playing could be very useful. Maybe this can only work on Verified Games, to make things easie...

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    native emoji toggle ios

    having a toggle in text&images for ios where we can see the default discord emojis or the apple emojis.

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    library games

    if i can't play my nitro games anymore can you remove them from my library? i dunno if "hide from library" really *removes* them forever.

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    go live personal text chat

    when going live your stream should have a personal chat that is easily accessible for quick communication with your watchers outside of using your voice

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    slow mode ios

    allow slow mode to continue even when not in the app, oppose to completely pausing when not in the app like it is now.

  • spin hat einen Post erstellt

    notification settings for folders

    treat server folders like categories in servers and have notification settings for all the servers in the server folder

  • spin hat einen Post erstellt

    allow clicking emojis without the box closing

    at least make it, like, a middle click feature where we can do more than one emoji without the tab closing after every single one.