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  • Enhanced 2FA Security

    Discord does not understand Security and instead instructed me to make a feature request. This should be taken seriously. Currently, the 2FA is a joke, it has no feedback or integrity involved, and...

  • Don't let Discord become the next skype.

    It's fundamentally known that once Microsoft bought skype, it was ruined. littered with malicious bots, exposed privacy issues, and in general, trashed by feature cutbacks and stagnant development ...

  • New Bot API - Polls need to be modular

    I love the new bot API and looking forward to features. However, I want to see the Poll API that was teased in the 'future of bots' be modular.I have plans to use this to give out roles to users an...

  • global roles override all other permissions

    so this is something of a duplicate but with additional details I am not happy with the current role hierarchy while it is important to fine tune roles and get finer results down to the user. it do...