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  • UI - please revert

    For the love of God please revert it. It's so unintuitive as it is now. Why if the behavior option in settings gone now? Why remove the ability to use back button to toggle the side menu when it di...

  • Folder Dynamics/QoL

    I think folders should expand in a ring when clicked instead of creating a dropdown list. Currently we have to scroll down through a folder exactly the same way we would originally have had to scro...

  • Notification Color Based on @user vs @everyone vs @role etc

    I was thinking about how I mute so many servers I'm in, but would honestly unmute a handful of them if I could keep the @everyone muted but still see if somebody pings me individually with a say bl...

  • Custom Badges Per Server

    I think it would be neat if we could create badges for server members similar to the Discord Nitro/Early Supporter/Hype Squad etc ones.Even if it's preset badges you guys provide but let us label o...