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  • CTRL + S Saves any edit you've made.

    Hey, Have you ever edited your profile, a server, a channel or anything that does require manual confirmation to save?Well, it would be good to save it using "CTRL" + "S" like any other app.So the ...

  • Add Regex to Search type

    Hi, Last week i was looking for an ID that i talk in a Mod room, but it was a while and i were not able to search, if we can set like Regex: ([1-9])\w{16,19} it would be easy. even to research prec...

  • Make Screen selector Option

    Hi, I have 2 screen and Discord lunches always on the bad screen, i hope you can add a screen selector in options so i can choose the right one and Discord will always open on it.

  • Make Verified Bot Badge

    This is a suggestion for a Bot Verified Badge with all Problems and solution that it gives and why it should be integrated. Please read until the end before Voting, this is the result of a huge wor...

  • Open DMs to more type of users (Bot, Friend of a Friend, Only Server Moderators, Etc...)

    I would like to add categories like for example Bots (prevents Bot Ad and left out), Only for server Moderator, Only for friend of a friend, block invitations in DMs. Moreover it would be great if ...

  • sound reaction with emotes

    make possible the way to add a little mp3 file to a reaction (example the Mario coin) and when you react this do the .mp3 file (example the Mario coin sound)

  • Make Phone app use less data

    I use to live in a low internet region and Discord take between 3 mins and 34 minutes to start (I talk about phone) for 60 kB/s Messages send in 1 minute This is very bad for people with low inte...

  • Nitro Gift on community

    Allow users to give a nitro to a community ! Discord will found a non nitro user and Clyde will send him a message with the Donator name and the nitro link, this can allow to giveaway 100 nitros in...

  • Make Invitation redirect appears like Discord Invitations

    i want if someone send me a link who redirect to an invitation to know that, this will make Admin and Bot work easy for big guild and make Discord more beautiful ^^

  • Make "Answerd" tag appears on the research page

    when you are here : why the tag doesn't appear ? this will be better for the dupe quest than click on it to see it