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  • Audit Log Sorting

    A reformatting of the audit log to include sub-tabs on action types (e.g. emojis, channel modifications, moderation) that can further be sorted by parameters such as user, role, and time range.

  • Server Profile

    An optional item from the server's drop-down menu to show a profile, with items that the server owner can add at their discretion, such as total member count, description blurb, and affiliated webs...

  • Separate Accessibility Tab

    Move the Accessibility options to its own tab under App Settings, and expand the options for it there.

  • Rich embeds

    An expanded option list for embeds both in user settings (for viewing) and role permissions (for sending) for multiple file types outside of images and gifs (.pdf, .rtf, etc), that can be toggleabl...

  • Optional Status Message Pop-up

    An ability to click on a user's status message to show a small pop-up of the complete status, as the text sometimes cuts off, and not all users have the same activities (e.g. Spotify, certain games...

  • Optional server creation wizard

    For those new to Discord, or just to making their own servers, an option to have help in the basics of server creation (channels, roles, permissions, etc) would be useful for that subsection of the...

  • Per-user Notification Suppression

    An option to mute notifications per-user, so the sender may write the ``@ mention`` but the pinged person will have the notification suppressed on their end. This will help avoid dealing with ping ...

  • See inactives from member list

    An ability to see inactive members, customized to a preferred time range, from the members list as a moderating function.

  • Channel Topic Pop-up

    An option to make members new to a channel read a pop-up of the channel's topic before they can write messages in said channel. This would help make sure that members have read the channel topic an...

  • Server vs Instant Invite

    Expand invite settings by having a separate option for server-wide invites, as opposed to channel-specific instant invites. This would ideally also contain the same options as instant invites - sho...